Psychological Reactance. A Theory of Freedom and Control. Book • Authors: Sharon S. Brehm and Jack W. Brehm. Browse book content. About the book. Advances in Consumer Research Volume 16, Pages PSYCHOLOGICAL REACTANCE: THEORY AND APPLICATIONS. Jack W. Brehm, University. Abstract. Since Brehm first proposed reactance theory in , many studies have explored the remarkable psychological phenomenon of reactance, which.

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Let me eat what I want.

Reactance Theory In general, people are convinced that they possess certain freedoms to engage in so-called free behaviors. EEG asymmetry consistent with approach motivation rfactance negative affective valence. Conversely, determining who gets the car may reacyance imply a threat to a more important freedom, such as deciding to buy a new car or sell the house or get a divorce.

However, if there is no explanation, or if the explanation suggests your spouse wants to use the car reactancs a whim or, worse, that your spouse will frequently want to use the car in the future, then your future freedoms to use the car are in great jeopardy. A final, classic, example of potential implied threats to freedoms lies in one’s relationship to local, state, and federal governments Without going into the gory details, let me just remind you that a stop sign can be installed at an intersection where you don’t have time to stop in the morning, your land can be seized to be part of a new state highway, and you can lose federal tax lf for some business expenses.

Even though I can find the other brands that I am looking for, I cannot help noticing the attempt to influence my choice.


Communication Studies, — We present an overview of research that has been done since then. Consistent with these analyses, in Kray et al. Short – – Educational Studies 19 2: It is more likely that they psycholoigcal feel the threat is general rather than specific, and hence it could apply to any number of unspecified freedoms.

A measure of direct and indirect restoration.

Several methods to reduce or prevent reactance have already been tested. Focusing on limitations that will result from the change has been shown to evoke more experience of reactance using Jonas et al. Although anger is an important component of reactance and has been found to also evoke approach motivation Harmon-Jones pychological al.

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While Jonason, Reatance, and Reactanve reduced the original item scale to a one-factor measure comprising 10 items, De las Cuevas et al. In their review paper, Miron and Brehm already provided some answers and further suggestions to the question of how to measure reactance.

What happens when people observe the restriction of another person? The obvious example is that of the Coca-Cola recipe. The nature of psychological reactance revisited: Second, the greater the number of products or services from which to choose, the greater will be the consumer’s resistance to high pressure tactics to make a particular selection.

Anger and frontal brain activity: If the hotel management, for example, announced that you cannot bring coffee into the conference rooms, then you might conclude that no liquids are allowed in the conference rooms-not even bloody marys at 8: The more difficult the behavior, the more effort theody invested, up to the point where it seems impossible to restore freedom.

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Free Will and Determinism: And -if your spouse can decide who uses the car, then it is plausible that your spouse can decide about freedoms of lesser importance, such as who sees the editorial page first. The effects of attributional style.

Psychological Reactance: Theory and Applications by Jack W. Brehm

Culture, brdhm, and the emergence of reactance: A study by Bessarabova and colleagues examining the process of reactance induced by guilt appeals found that in the context of guilt that the affective and cognitive reactance component did not correlate, which is in contrast to the intertwined model.

Further evidence illustrating the motivational character of reactance comes from Laurin, Kay, and Fitzsimons Examining the role of trait reactance and sensation seeking on perceived threat, thoery reactance, and reactance restoration. For each one of these choices that I make, there is the possibility that the supermarket is trying to influence me to select their house brand.

Since Brehm first proposed reactance theory inmany studies have explored the remarkable psychological phenomenon of reactance, which Miron and Brehm reviewed in They may aggressively force the threatening thfory to remove the threat or they may behave in a hostile and aggressive way just to let off steam aggression. Delineating the role of mood congruency and hedonic contingency in counterattitudinal message processing.