ALAN KAY & the Dynabook. Alan Kay is an American Computer Scientist. He is known for his pioneer work on “object-oriented programming” and in “graphical. Born in , computer scientist Alan Curtis Kay is one of a handful of Every modern portable computer reflects elements of the Dynabook. by Alan Kay. VPRI Paper In practice for the Dynabook, this required inventing better in , the year of the Dynabook idea, by Licklider and Bob Taylor (a.

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One can imagine one of the first programs an owner will write is a filter to eliminate advertising!

Dynabook – Wikipedia

His thoughts about an intimate personal computer were mostly of a service nature—that is, how could and should it act as an amplifier for human, especially child, endeavors? Provides immediate response — no discernible pause between cause and effect. I suggest you look at xlan version.

This in spite of pioneers such as Seymour Papert explaining both in alab and quite a bit specifically just what it is and how it can revolutionize education. Part of the motivation for the PARC GUI came from our desire to have a universal display screen which could display anything — this led to the bitmap screen. There are also apps like MinecraftWoodcraft and Eden which allow sharing of created objects and worlds.

With Scott Forstall now out of the Apple mix, perhaps that leaves the door open for Kay to return to Apple and really spice things up. Today, Kay continues his research about children and technology at his own organization, the Viewpoints Research Institute.

One way to think of all of these organizations is to realize that if they require a charismatic leader who will shoot people in the knees when needed, then the corporate organization and process is a failure.


The software must have been much simpler than today’s CMMS software applications for a child to understand it. Disney had two basic tribes, both at extremes: Apple with the iPad and iPhone goes even further and does not allow children to download an Dynaabook made by another child somewhere dunabook the world. For all media, the original intent was “symmetric authoring and consuming.

Is a Metamedium, can encompass all the media. Xerox, Apple, Disney, HP.

Dynabook, the first tablet, was born four decades ago

Has Smalltalk, a programming language that acts as a medium for communication. Latest in Alan kay. The KiddiComp concept, envisioned by Alan Kay in while a PhD candidate, [2] [3] and later developed and described as the Dynabook in his proposal “A personal computer for children of all ages”, [1] outlines the requirements for a conceptual portable educational device that would offer similar functionality to that now supplied via a laptop computer or in some of its other incarnations a tablet or slate computer with the exception of the requirement for any Dynabook device offering near eternal battery life.

Alessandro Mauceri – Nov 16, Part of the motivation and funding for the Dynabook project came from the need for portable military maintenance, repair, and operations documentation. This greatly inspired Kay’s evolving views on objects and programming. Alan Kay is an American computer scientist, known for his early pioneering work on computers, object-oriented programming and windowing graphical user interface design.

How involved were you with the Newton? I contributed ideas from a variety of sources, including myself, Negroponte, AI, etc. The Dynabook concept described what is now known as a netbook a,an or, in some of its other incarnations a tablet PC or slate computer with nearly eternal battery life and software aimed at giving children access to digital media.

Doris Mitch and Hugh Dubberly did the heavy lifting. As far as Apple goes, it was a different company every few years from the time I joined in Have they delivered on the promise of improving education? If you keep browsing, you accept its use. Inwhile he was working for the mammoth Xerox corporation, Alan Kay published his most well-known and significant article, on which all his ideas and visions since then have been based. This is what led to quite a bit of UI, language and media dynaboook, some of which made it out to the commercial worlds in the s.

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Sounds good, isn’t it?! Though the hardware required to create a Dynabook is here today, Alan Kay still thinks the Dynabook hasn’t been invented yet, because key software and educational curricula are missing. Has higher quality, probably better than the newsprint.

How much influence did you have on that set of ideas and the video? Adults could also use a Dynabook, but the target audience was children. Adults could also use a Dynabook, but the target audience was children.

Some texts or images included in this blog are taken from the internet and therefore they considered public domain; if their publication smash any copyright, please notify us by email. We use first and third-party’s kkay to improve your experience and our services. We did a few more of these concept videos for John after the success of the KN video.

All that said, one would imagine that Kay would be particularly thrilled with Apple’s iPad, a device that eerily embodies many of his predictions almost 40 years later. Utilizamos cookies para ofrecerte la mejor experiencia.

Personal notebook computer with easy rechargeable battery and local drive memory, price some Synabook, multimedia capabilities, wireless network access, Internet, etc.