Pharmaceutical Calculations. Lab Alligation Medial and Alligation Alternate. Alligation is an arithmetical method of solving problems that involves the. Alligation is one of the simple and illustrative methods in pharmaceutical calculations for the pharmacy technicians. Dilution is a simple method. The pharmacy has in stock 3% coal tar ointment and coal tar. Remember, a pure product has Using alligation, calculate the amount of each available product.

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Therefore 1 part of 1. Clorox bleach standard 5.


A general formula that works for both alligation “alternate” and alligation “medial” is the following: Sign in via Shibboleth. Views Read Edit View history.

About MyAccess If your institution subscribes to this resource, and you don’t have a MyAccess Profile, please contact your library’s reference desk for information on how to gain access to this resource from off-campus. Before preserving your articles on this site, please read the following pages: You are expected to be able to perform basic arithmetic addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication and to do so not only with whole numbers or integers but with fractions as well.

It is often more practical to dilute a known strength preparation than it would be to compound an entire preparation. Proof of Alligation Method Suppose a product of X percentage strength is to be prepared by mixing constituents of percentage Y Higher and Z lower. Use this site remotely Bookmark your favorite content Track your self-assessment progress and more!


Alligation method is used to calculate: Alligation alternate is more complicated and involves organizing the ingredients calculationx high and low pairs which are then traded off. Questions to follow up in this case include the following:.

You can also find results for a single author allegxtion contributor. An error in a calculation by a pharmacist could easily be the difference between life and death. Interpret a prescription or medication order.

The ratio of the quantity of wine now left in cask to that of water is Accessed December 31, Since the diluting solution is not given it can be considered as water. Please share this article, if you like.

Convert between the metric and common systems of measurement. Use daily for wound cleansing and dressing on right leg. Hence 5g of 1.

Pharmacy Math Alligation Example 2

You can use any pharmacy calculations tutorial to study concepts for the first time or include them as part of your review program for a pending assessment. Please enter Password Forgot Username? Search Advanced search allows to you precisely focus your query. Using this formula you can solve for any of the 6 variables A,a,B,b,C,c, regardless of whether you’re dealing with medial, alternate, etc. James and John Knapton, et al.

This equation proves the line diagram alkegation of alligation is correct and most suitable in such calculation. It gives the weighed average percentage strength allegatlon a mixture resulting from components of known quantities and concentration. That being said, the importance of not making errors in your arithmetic cannot be overemphasized.


Signs of infection are present and the decision has been made to irrigate the wound daily with modified Dakin’s diluted sodium hypochlorite solution and use it on the wound dressing. This video demonstrates key steps in performing percentage concentration calculations and provides pertinent examples.

They are as follows:. This is an example of a problem that involves repeated dilutions of a given solution. Estimate the final answer before beginning the work.

Notes on the Use of Alligation Method in Pharmaceutical Practice

In the accident, patient X, suffered a deep abrasion on his leg and may eventually need a skin graft. So in the above example we get: They are as follows: Why did you choose this over an antibiotic?

Clinical Sports Medicine Collection. This is an example of alligation alternate because you want to find the amount of two ingredients to mix to form a mixture with a given amount of fat. Two further variations on Alligation occur: Alligation is an old and practical method of solving arithmetic problems related to mixtures of ingredients. Dilution is a simple method for preparing a lower concentration from a solution of higher concentration.

This video demonstrates key steps in performing milliequivalent calculations and provides pertinent examples.