BACTEC™ // I. PRINCIPLE. The detection of microorganisms in a patient’s blood has diagnostic and prognostic importance. Bactec Plus blood culture bottles were preincubated at 35°C or at room temperature before entry into the Bactec instrument to determine the influence of. The overall recovery of organisms and time to detection with the BACTEC and BACTEC systems were compared in a multicenter.

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There is no consensus in the literature concerning the optimal incubation period required for recovery of yeasts from automated blood culture systems 318 We feel these statistical differences do not likely represent nactec significant differences. However, most clinical laboratories do not routinely use mycology media for all blood cultures. Though this may seem adequate, three episodes of bacec were missed, one C.

Bactec — a fluorogenic, automated, and noninvasive blood culture system from Becton Dickinson.

Terminal subculture was performed on all bottles in which no growth was detected; a 0. If a standard 5-day incubation period were bxctec, the Bactec would have missed an additional episode of C.

Please select a Capability in order to start your service request. Bactec Automated Blood Culture System Bactec — a fluorogenic, automated, and noninvasive blood culture system from Becton Dickinson.

De La Maza, and E. A suspension of each specimen was made in 5 ml of normal saline and adjusted to a 0. It is therefore important to also look at the overlap of missed isolates to determine if there were any missed episodes vactec simulated candidemia.

Additionally, the routine use of mycology media adds a substantial expense; each mycology bottle is approximately three times 940 expensive than an aerobic or anaerobic blood culture bottle.

Bactec Blood Culture System, BD Bactec

We therefore performed this study to directly compare the ability of two automated blood culture systems in the detection of the five most common species implicated in candidemia, specifically evaluating growth detection, time to growth detection, and the utility of terminal subcultures with a simulated candidemia model.


A prospective observational study of candidemia: Under these circumstances, when only bsctec and anaerobic media are used, the BacT performed better than the BACTEC in overall detection, time to detection, number of false-negatives, and missed episodes of simulated candidemia. However, few institutions routinely utilize a mycology bottle as a part of all blood culture sets, secondary to the requirement for extra blood and laboratory space.

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Support Center Support Center. The aerobic detection of C. Several studies also exist that compare the BacT and Bactec automated blood culture systems 10121417212326 Multifactor analysis of variance was followed by Student-Newman-Keuls tests.

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The aerobic, anaerobic, and mycology media for each system were evaluated: Recall, though, that our isolates were all incubated for a total of 12 days. Blood culture bottles in which no growth was detected were removed from the automated system after 12 days, seven days after the last bottle had growth detected in either automated blood culture system.

Contact Sales Contact Support. Three of the six types of media were able to detect growth of all 50 Candida isolates. However, the mean time to aerobic growth detection is strikingly slower for C.

Both automated blood baactec systems detected all episodes of simulated candidemia when specialized mycology media were used. All were determined to be false-negatives upon terminal subculture.

Bactec 9240 Blood Culture System, BD Bactec 9240

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A closer review of the data also reveals an important finding. All bottles were subcultured and demonstrated heavy growth of pure yeast colonies and were therefore true positives.


It is used for detecting the amount of bacterial contamination in platelet concentrates. Abstract A direct comparison of two automated blood culture systems was conducted to compare their ability to detect Candida growth. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

BD BACTEC™ Blood Culture Media – BD

The line includes standard broth media, resin-containing Plus media and lytic media designed for optimal recovery of anaerobes.

Growth was detected in all BacT and Bactec mycology bottles, all BacT aerobic bottles, and by terminal subculture of all bottles.

Ward for assistance with statistical analysis of the data. All aerobic and anaerobic bottles were inoculated with 10 ml of blood, while mycology bottles were inoculated with 5 ml of blood, per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Therefore, time to detection of Candida growth is an important consideration. Multiple studies have demonstrated effective recovery of Candida spp.

After all, as long as one bottle of a standard aerobic and anaerobic blood culture set detects Candida growth, the clinician will be able to treat the patient appropriately.

After the addition of 0. The mean time to growth detection in the BacT system was George1 Clinton K. The overall difference in time to detection between the two systems can be solely attributed to the delayed time to growth detection of C. The views expressed are those of the authors and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Department of the Army, Department of Defense, or the U.