Beginning PHP RIA Using ExtJS by Strickland Andrew (ISBN: 1); Published by Apress L. Dec Compare book prices on. Beginning PHP RIA Using Extjs. 2 likes. Readers will learn to create Web applications with familiar interfaces and behavior; automatically marshal data. Beginning PHP RIA Using Extjs. Readers will learn to create Web applications with familiar interfaces and behavior; automatically marshal data back and.

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I think what we’re looking for is an idea about architecture given what I’ve just described. Each Component is configured with an inline initComponent function which calls the class’s own initComponent and then performs its own initialization.

This is attractive in that I can have one javascript Class file for every function which makes development easier to manage So to the trade-offs Well, that’s my approach to the Web 1.

beginning php ria using extjs

Beginning PHP RIA Using ExtJS: A Strickland – Book | Rahva Raamat

Too big The web application that we currently have is beginning php ria using extjs page based. Bugs Sencha Touch 2. For me i choosed the Java side cheers, Alain. App Contest Sencha Touch 1. The problem with this combining into one file is that it gets in the way of our rapid development approach, i. Examples and Showcases Begining Touch 2.

But the actual application architecture remains fundamentally the same. A Component tag handler processes its attributes and adds itself to its parent Container tag.

In response, the client browser displays the ‘success’ message and then continues c GWT Architecture Assuming that I have understood this correctly, the main difference between this and b above is that the UI is built by the java action code, which basically uses GWT ‘wrapper’ classes which represent the different Beginning php ria using extjs widgets.


I get my most wanted eBook. July 27 Status: Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: I still have to learn ExtJS, but now have to marry that knowledge with the appropriate tag! However, since this web application is quite large it’s really a launch-point for multiple RIA applications thus the possibility of multiple html pages. The jsp hybrid approach isn’t so attractive as I have to develop my own tag libraries and maintain them GWT lite: I agree with Condor that a good web2. If you need custom components or face bugs, there will be cases where you have to use firebug as well to look into the DOM or to have an understanding of pure javascript.

Bugs Sencha Architect 3. When ready, the user clicks the Save button, and the extjs form makes an ajax call to the saveOrder url which invokes the appropriate server beginning php ria using extjs.

Beginning PHP RIA Using ExtJS

I stumbled upon Playster 2 months ago. This was tedious for users, inflexible, slow, error prone. The platform now carries audiobooks bdginning Cancel the membership at any time if not satisfied. Hi Alain, this is just my personal point of view.

Register a free 1 month Trial Account. In addition, within each RIA aspect of our app the use of html per “form” for example, a form being launched from an RIA menu is really a delivery mechanism for the.

I could even do some ‘smart caching’ on the client so that requests for multiple services etxjs once are beginning php ria using extjs apart to see if the individual service response is cached, and then excluding it from the server call! Haven’t tried the Ajax proxy yet – still in the process of migrating from RAD6 to 8. I implemented a full single page RIA architecture at my previous employer. It made it difficult to comunicate errors to the user and then to recover from errors.


User Extensions and Plugins Sencha Touch 1. Like Condor said it really just depends on if you are more confortable with native JS or Java. But there is a whole set of custom tag handlers which map to ExtJS classes. We have been very successful with this approach, mainly because we can leverage the rich ExtJS API independent of the data model we dump into the page!

Right now I feel like I am once again in the pre-struts world late 90’s and having to build my own dispatcher, security, form handling framework!

No, you don’t actually maintain that big. The time now is The power you get with writing your own tag handlers is beginning php ria using extjs you as a developer get to use your ExtJS expertise to generate widgets as complex as you need and hook them beginning php ria using extjs. Next, you use JSBuilder2 to build one single. JSPs and potentially Struts. A good Web 2.

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