Anyone own a copy of Binocular Astronomy by Craig Crossen and Will Tirion? I am considering buying this book. Thanks. Bruce. The oversight was particularly dumb since I have Crossen’s Binocular Astronomy on the bookshelf next to me, I’ve corresponded with Bill. Results 1 – 24 of 24 Binocular Astronomy by Crossen, Craig, Tirion, Wil and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at.

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Binocular Astronomy by Craig Crossen and Wil Tirion happens to be only one of just a few books published with the binocular user in mind which is a shame. To be quite honest I do not always want to take the time to set up my telescopes for a quick look at the Moon or some passing comet.

Binocular Astronomy by Craig Crossen (): Craig Crossen;Wil Tirion: : Books

For me the binocular setup I have right now is the ultimate grab and go system for me. I recommend checking with your library system to see if they are part of the ILL so you can make use of many books that may not be available otherwise.


Plus you have the added advantage of seeing the book before you buy it. Because the most pleasurable way of observing celestial objects is with the mind as well as with the eye… Craig Crossen.

The first part of the book delves into the constellations, broken up into the Northern Circumpolar, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter constellations. It touches on binocular design, how to choose your equipment, and offers advice on crosseen sites, how to pick the right night to view, and some observing techniques.

Crossen does add interesting information relating to the history, origin and binlcular of the constellation from ancient times. I would have left those constellations out of the book altogether, making room for more material for those constellations rich in binocular objects. Other sections have appreciably more objects and lend a substantive quality to the book.

For me chapters 6 and 7 tie the previous chapters together into a grand overview of where we are when pointing our binoculars skyward. In addition to the or so objects in the book, some of which you will need very dark skies in order to see, Mr.

He has conveniently referenced each constellation in the book with the appropriate map number in the BSA In my opinion, this is a major astrknomy for owning this book. No need to carry two books into the field, a reference book and a star atlas, when this book has both all in one package for you.


Please take note of the size of the book in the image I provided, realizing it is not a small, tuck frossen your pocket, type guide book. It is rather large but this is an asset when working in the dark, under red light illumination, reading the text or looking up locations using the BSA This book offers the binocular astronomer an excellent resource and guide for astronkmy out and finding the many jewels visible for those of us using binoculars.

I plan on adding this book to my continuously growing astronomy library.

IMO Book Review: Binocular Astronomy

This book, Binocular Astronomyis an easy recommendation for all those interested in binocular stargazing. Eicher, editor Observing Variable Stars: A Guide for the Beginner by David H. The Six-Inch Lunar Atlas: