Title, Download. Bradstone Garden Paving & Walling. Bradstone Masonry Walling Brochure. Bradstone Stone Walling Overview. How to build a circular step. Domestic hard landscaping manufacturer, Bradstone, has launched a new brochure ahead of the gardening season. Designed to bring a. The Bradstone reconstituted walling range is widely accepted by planners for use in sensitive areas. The moulds which are taken from natural stone recreate the.

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Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “Garden landscaping collection” P. And as StoneMaster moves across the divide from block paver to sort-of flagstone, Panache moves the other way, with the almost inevitable advent of Panache Block Paving.

The grooved design givesan ultra modern feel to the garden.

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Imperial White Grand Natural Sandstone. And why the name change? ButtPredominantly double sidedBlack B Silver Initially, it’s only available with the Panache paving, but if it’s successful, what’s to stop it being used with any of the other flagstones?

One notable near-absence from all the photographs, and barely present in the later Technical Information, is Setts. Complicated but simultaneously intriguing.

It’s an interesting combination of manufacturing processes, and one that could well attract a good bit of interest, as it offers that oh-so-reassuring albeit algae-friendly texturing with an ersatz profiled surface and all with the dimensional accuracy and regular thickness for screeded be installation of a pressed concrete flag. It’s not as fancy-dan as Cloisters, but not as basic as Weathered Riven. The final category of Landscape Features gathers together all those bits and pieces that, more often than not, add the finishing touches to a project and can make the difference between a good job and a great job.

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Bradstone are a serious brand, and the quality you rightly expect from such a significant player is evident throughout. Nothing new, but then the existing range is fully comprehensive, with everything you could expect from blocks without there being anything too exotic. No digging, no wheelbarrowing, no skips or grab-wagons, so how much dosh has that saved? Simply stunning photography – Woburn Infilta block paving.

Many of the photies are new, and they are never less than excellent. River washed Limestone flags – just because I like it!

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Caution is understandable with a new product, but there has to be a balance between investing too much in an unproven paving and hobbling it with mininal creative appeal. To recap, StoneFlair is now the premium brand within Bradstone, a bit like ‘Finest’ is the premium brand for Tesco stuff, but once that had been sorted, it became apparent that there were just too many riven product lines, some of which are original Bradstone, some which came with StoneFlair and some that once resided with Border Stone.

Here the first 1 pages from the catalog “Contemporary paving Restoration” P. Here the first 1 pages from the catalog “Traditional paving Yorkvale” P.

When you start to drill down into the thinking behind the product, and the economics on which it rests, it starts to make a lot more sense, and, more importantly, it offers the prospect of some very interesting developments. Stonemaster block paving – still drop-dead gorgeous.

Cluttering it with umpteen brand names does brochrue for me. I know they don’t sell in hiuge quantities, but that’s no reason to hide them away so effectively. Monksbridge Block Paving – Grey-Green is hidden away bottom left.

All BRADSTONE catalogs and technical brochures

Straight into the contents page, which splits the whole into six sections, which are fairly brafstone, except for the split between “contemporary” and “traditional” paving. But what about new stuff? And what could be used as a contrast? These attractive antique style replicas of limestone flagstonesare characterised by soft indentations and The technical info is restrained, but informative and tidy.


Contemporary paving Ventura – BRADSTONE – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Brochures

The BradPoint jointing jollop is a one-part resin mortar, so like all the other one-part resin mortars currently flooding the market, is basically a waste of time and money. Here the first 1 pages from the catalog “Contemporary paving Natural Travertine”.

The flagstones are elevated so the whole shebang could be placed right outside a patio door to give that much-desired ‘level walk through’ with no risk of compromising DPC levels.

The shot-textured Panache range has proven to be popular and so the move to a smaller format was bound to grochure at some point. Mode Profiled in Graphite.

It’s much more airy and user-friendly. Doesn’t it have to serve its time as ‘contemporary’ before it can mature sufficiently to become traditional?

What else is new? To continue selling a budget, a mid-price and a premium range demands serious commitment: After that, it’s simply a matter of glueing the rather lovely Panache xmm flagstones into place in a basic stackbond pattern. This is such a versatile form of paving which promises much once the market conditions are right, so the move to create a long aspect version is sensible and very welcome.