The Outcasts of Poker Flat study guide contains a biography of Bret Harte, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full. Complete summary of Bret Harte’s The Outcasts of Poker Flat. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Outcasts of Poker Flat. Barbara Bates in The Outcasts of Poker Flat () Anne Baxter in The .. Bret Harte’s “The Outcasts of Poker Flats” is one of his two best known stories (the.

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Before killing fkat, Oakhurst had pinned a playing card to a pine tree with his bowie knife, his choice of the deuce of clubs perhaps symbolizing the decreased value he’d estimated his remaining moments to possess. Long sessions have meant he’s “often been a week without sleep,” thus preparing him to handle the test of poekr endurance the trip has presented. Some people thought that he had also stolen some gold. This article needs additional citations for verification.

After a week in the cabin, Mother Shipton dies, having secretly and altruistically starved herself for young Piney. Ultimately the story presents a thoughtful sketch of the Old West that conveys the complicated status of poker in American culture at the time it was written and that resonates still today. But after the game, he told foat Tom that he was too easy to beat.

Poker & Pop Culture: Bret Harte’s “The Outcasts of Poker Flat”

The hunger got worse with each passing day. It also uses society’s judgments about poker as a starting point for exploring our ideas of “good” and “bad” behavior, including the tendency to judge others a lot more harshly than we do ourselves.


He was known to drink too much. Around noon, Mother Shipton became so tired she fell off her horse. When the “Innocent” asks Oakhurst what he intends to do, the answer is brief and to the point.

Short Story: ‘The Outcasts of Poker Flat’ by Bret Harte

Oakhurst had a bad feeling. Oakhurst has committed suicide. Using a poker metaphor, Oakhurst argues against their “throwing up their hand before the game was played brett. Full Cast and Crew. Tom said Oakhurst would be his friend for life. These four set out for a camp which is a day’s journey away, over a mountain range. The narrator highlights the committee’s hypocrisy, noting how some of those in charge of executing such justice had lost to Oakhurst at poker.

He is among those sent away because of his great success in winning from those on the secret committee. He believes in luck and fate. Tom told Oakhurst that he had a little food.

Everything around them was white and cold. Meanwhile the adaptation in which Dale Robertson portrays Oakhurst is more faithful to the source, although introduces a villain who in fact plays poker with Oakhurst at one point. In any event, the title of the original story — repeated in most of those adaptations — has an additional effect of associating poker with outcasts, making it seem something belonging to the periphery at best, if not cast out altogether. By the third day out from Poker Flat, the snow had gotten deep.


Edit Did You Know? But the outcasts had to listen to the sad cries of their mostly empty stomachs. Here is Jim Tedder.

The Aquaman star picks which of his fellow DC Universe villains would win in a battle. Surviving members of an aristocratic English family are threatened by a legendary monster when they venture out on chilly, foggy nights.

The pair are traveling in the opposite direction, leaving Sandy Bar for Poker Flat in the hopes of getting married starting a new life there.

Short Story: ‘The Outcasts of Poker Flat’ by Bret Harte

pojer The two women were too hungry, weak, and cold to even add more wood to the fire. Indians attack a stagecoach, and a disparate band of passengers must band together to fight them off.

When night came, Oakhurst had not returned. Was this review helpful to you?

It featured an interesting narrative frame in which Carey’s character, an owner of a gambling hall, reads Harte’s story which then gets dramatized on screen with the owner imagining himself in the role of Oakhurst.