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Efficient Power Efficient Power.

Cinetech Computer Hardware Part Catalog

Ccinetech 2 Grab the SOT23 part with very fine tweezers. If there is, re-apply solder between the pins and re-suck. Step 4 Solder the other side of the part. If there are bridges you will need to reheat the part, remove it, suck the solder from the pads and the part, and repeat the procedure with less solder paste.

VPGproducing the most precise and stable resistors available: The amount is learned by trail and error and experience.

best smd metal foil list

Diodes, Capacitors and Resistors in sizes like,,and Heat the pad with solder and adjust the part so that it lines up with the pads. This method works because sucking only removes the solder between the pins and not the solder between the pad and pin. Maxim Integrated Maxim Integrated. Contact the pin and pad at the same time with the conrner of the tip. Step 5 Suck the solder off the pads ready for the new part. Small Outline Package – SO.

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Knl Industries Edal Industries.

Cinetech Ind Company Ltd Part Numbers List on Page 5

Hosonic Electronic Hosonic Electronic. New Tunirama New Tunirama. Rhombus Rhombus L L Cypress Semiconductor Cypress Semiconductor. Crystek Corporation Crystek Corporation.

Step 4 Keep heating until the solder paste has melted into solder all the way around the part. Voltage Multipliers Voltage Multipliers. If this is not possible then tin foil can be used to shield the regular components.

Sagami Cinetecg Sagami Elec. Method 1 – Pin by pin Used for: Step 2 Grab the part with very fine tweezers.

Bring the part overtop of the pads, slight to one side so that the part can sit flat cinetedh the PCB. The thickness of the solder paste should be thin enough so that the PCB and pads should be semi-visible.

Take note and or mark the PCB so that you will be able to correctly place the part when heating. Step 3 Now flood the opposite row of pins with solder so that there is one continuous flow across the pins as shown.


Transys Electronics Transys Electronics.

vinetech Blow on the part to harden the solder. Without needing the oil baths that conventional standard resistors require, national standard institutes and local calibration laboratories in Japan use our standard resistors both for primary and secondary standards.

Cambion Cambion CA Solitron Devices Solitron Devices.

American Microsemiconductor American Microsemiconductor. Sensitron Semiconductor Sensitron Semiconductor. Step 4 Now solder the other two pins, one-at-a-time. Our foil resistors and current sensors are used in applications requiring a high degree of precision and stability, such as in medical testing equipment, high performance audio equipment, precision measuring instruments, aerospace, and military applications.