SINAMICS S Equipment Manual for Booksize Power. Units. • SINAMICS S Equipment Manual for Description of the LED states of a CU SINAMICS S Equipment Manual for Booksize Power Units .. CU DP from firmware version with integrated Ethernet interface. ○ Smart Line. Siemens SINAMICS S Manual Online: Control Unit (cu), Description, Safety Information. Control Unit (CU) Description The CU

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Mode 4 is available for all drive objects. If any components are replaced, you may have to carry out the following steps to restore the connections. In both cases communication between the control and the drive takes place in accordance with the standardized PROFIdrive profile. Special attention should be paid to cable dimensioning, fuses, grounding, shutdown, disconnection, and overcurrent protection.

SINAMICS S Equipment Manual Cabinet Modules_图文_百度文库

Motorized potentiometer supplies the speed setpoint Binector interconnections with the BOP20, see Subsection 9. Order code L44 5. Table 4- 15 Checklist for cabling or connection work for Motor Modules in chassis format Completed? A Faston plug can be inserted up to 10 times, after which it loses its contact reliability. Permissible ambient temperatures during transport: Contestar Una Manyal Entrante The greater the distance cu30 which the cables are routed in parallel, the greater the clearance must be.

Durante Una Llamada Bloc De Notas The basic version of the cabinet units complies with the IP20 degree of protection in accordance with EN Alternar Entre Dos Llamadas Libreta De Direcciones In particular, the general and national installation and safety guidelines for high-voltage installations e. The following parameters can be read and written on the Control Unit drive object: For satisfactory and reliable operation of the drive system, original components of the SINAMICS system in conjunction with the original Siemens accessories as described in this Catalog and the Configuration Manuals, in the functional descriptions or user manuals should be used.


The related very steep switching edges of the converter output voltage and also, therefore, of the common-mode voltage cause correspondingly high capacitive currents and voltages on the machine’s internal capacitances. For motors, for cu3200, these data include the parameters of the electric equivalent circuit diagram and characteristic values for the built-in motor encoder.

LG CU320 Manual / User Guide

Activity The ambient conditions must be permissible. If wait equalizing is used for the axis is this functioning? If the cabinet unit is stored for more than two years, the DC link capacitors of the power units must be reformed manal commissioning.

These notices shown below are graded according to the degree of danger. Quitar La Tarjeta De Memoria The cabinet units must always be transported in the upright position indicated.

Electrical and thermal requirements. L1 Factory-installed jumper to terminal 6; this jumper must be removed if an external infeed is used.

Siemens Sinamics CU Modules: Beyond the User Manual

This permits the greatest possible separation of manhal and higher-level control. Industrial locations supplied by a medium-voltage network via a separate transformer. These are shown in the following table.

Insertar La Tarjeta De Memoria Additional system components e. Function test with test bay motor no load Unit acceptance in presence of customer: Function Manual 1 Adjustable: If necessary, reattach the protective covers and doors. Visual acceptance Unit acceptance in presence of customer: The CompactFlash card may only be inserted or mxnual when the Control Unit is in a no-voltage condition.


Cingular mall, Shop tones, Shop games – LG CU320 User Manual

Direction of motor rotation In the case of three-phase induction motors with a clockwise phase sequence looking at the drive shaftthe motor must be connected to the cabinet unit as follows. Figure Required room height for different degrees of protection Note Further dimensions can be found in the relevant dimension drawings on the enclosed customer CD. Active Line Modules draw a virtually sinusoidal current from the supply which virtually rules out any harmful harmonics.

Feed the cable for the customer terminal block into the cabinet from the bottom left. Observe the following notes if you nevertheless have to work with electronic modules: For Your Safety For the other available variants, the number of jumpers used on each busbar for connecting the DC busbar is as follows: Death, serious injury, or substantial material damage can result if these factors are not taken into account.

CAUTION with a safety alert symbol, indicates that minor personal injury can result if proper precautions are not taken.

Note When connecting the ground connections to the PE busbar, make sure that the cabinet doors will still close.