STANDARDS FOR EQUIPMENT AND MATERIALS All electrical installations shall comply with the requirements of the Regulations. Relevant DEWA’s. the DEWA may be sought to obtain specific advice. short. inspection and testing of all electrical installations within premises and any additions. de. 4 Jun DEWA’s requirements for electric installations in order to safeguard persons and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity.

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For the purposes of the Regulations a lamp holder, however supported, is deemed to be a luminaire. A kitchen area may need separate circuits. The routes of all cables shall be clearly marked by cable route markers, at regular intervals not exceeding 10 meters along straight runs and 2 meters at deviations in the route.

A current exceeding the rated value. A minimum of W shall be considered for each normal lighting and fan points. All starters, isolators and push buttons shall be clearly marked in Arabic and English stating which machine they control and their function.

An operation intended to remove, as quickly as possible, danger, which may have occurred unexpectedly. You will receive a link to create a new password. The earthed point of the source, or an artificial neutral.

A protective conductor providing equipotential bonding. A circuit arranged in the form of a ring and connected to a single point of supply.

A part dewz a defined degree of protection against contact with live parts from any usual direction of access. Suitable grommets and bushes shall be provided at the terminal outlets.

The consumer’s earth electrode resistance and continuity of ECCs shall be periodically checked and maintained as above, to ensure consumer safety. The rsgulations connection to the heater shall be made from a flex outlet plate mounted installatiohs to the heater. The first inspection and testing by DEWA may be free of charge. Current carrying capacity of a conductor: The Circuit Breakers, Bus Bars, etc. A consumer’s load is not allowed to cause deviations of the voltage characteristics other than those allowed in European Standard ENNov.


Consumer shall, before commencement of building construction, obtain confirmation from DEWA on availability of power supply. The rating and type of socket-outlets with plugs provided shall be selected to suit individual applications and shall not be interchangeable for different current ratings.

Dubai utility DEWA issues Regulations for Electrical Installations 2017 booklet

Each busbar riser, proposed for installation in high rise buildings, is recommended to supply a maximum of 6 floors only. Conventionally the impendance between live conductors or between live conductor and exposed-or extraneous-conductive-parts at the fault position is considered negligible. The consumer’s ‘Main Earth electrode’ shall be installed as close to the main distribution board as possible.

The circuit wires of different voltage grades shall be segregated with barriers in trunking runs or installed in separate conduits. Manual means of switching or connecting the discharge circuit shall not be permitted.

Three CLTs shall be provided for each metering. Refer to Appendix-5, for symbols The design and layout drawings of substations which are specified for individual installations, shall also be prepared in compliance with DEWA’s Regulations for substations, and submitted in advance for approval.

The enclosure of busways shall be securely supported at intervals not exceeding 1. All the terminal and intermediate ends of the PVC conduits shall be firmly secured with suitable adhesives as recommended by the manufacturer. The armoured installztions, for underground installation shall normally be laid at 90 cm below the ground level and provided with a layer of at least 15cm impervious soil around.

Dewa LV switchgear regulations – Dorman Smith Academy

Each room air-conditioning unit shall regulationa connected to a separate final sub-circuit, for the distribution board. Any excess deviations shall be compensated by the consumer at his cost. The minimum cross sectional area of ECCs shall be selected as specified in Appendix I agree to the Terms. LV switchgear and control gear assembly: A mechanical switching device which, in the open position, complies with the requirements specified for isolation.

Cable trays shall not be used in locations where they will be subjected to severe physical damage. Single core cables armoured with steel wire or tape shall not be used for a. The current carrying capacity of conductors that connect capacitor to the terminals of imstallations or to motor regulatipns conductors shall not be less than one third of the current carrying capacity of the motor circuit conductors and in no case less than 1. Where three or more units are installed they shall be balanced as nearly possible lover a dews phase supply.

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The standard conduit boxes, draw-in boxes and mounting boxes of light fittings and appliances shall be fixed to the building structure independently or the wiring conduits.

A circuit condition in which current flows through an abnormal or unintended path. Adequate level of illumination shall be provided to facilitate safe operation at all time. The safety isolation transformer shall comply with BS A protective conductor, connecting the main earthing terminal of an installation to an earth electrode or to other means or earthing.

Suitable expansion couplers shall be provided in all trunking and conduit runs at the expansion joints in the building structure and at regular intervals in all runs exceeding 7 meters in length or as recommended by the manufacturer. Published on December Categories: Means shall be innstallations to isolate each capacitor, capacitor bank, or capacitor installation from all sources of voltage and to remove from service as unit.

All equipment, apparatus, materials and accessories used in the electrical installations shall be designed and rated for operation on this electric supply. Every item of equipment used in the installation shall be designed and rated to, operation on the nominal electric supply voltage declared by DEWA. This current may have a capacitive component including that resulting from the deliberate use of capacitors.

Sufficient space shall be provided and maintained around cable tray to unstallations adequate access fro installing and maintaining the cables.