Öz. Bu çalışmanın amacı, yiyecek ve içecek işletmelerinin duyusal pazarlama farkındalıklarını belirlemek ve işletmelerin bilerek ya da bilmeyerek kullandıkları. Duyusal pazarlama, müşterilerin duyularına hitap ederek duygu ve .. Araştırmalar gösteriyor ki günümüzde duyusal pazarlama markalar için olmazsa olmaz bir. Duyular ve duyusal uyarıcılar, tek başına veya bir arada, tüketicilerin ürün, marka, hizmet ortamı gibi pazarlama unsurları hakkında çıkarım.

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An expectation-based approach to explaining the crossmodal influence of color on orthonasal odor identification: International Journal of Hospitality Management, 26 4 British Food Journal, 2 Journal of marketing practice: Journal of Business Research,49 2 Journal of Consumer Psychology, 20, Journal of Marketing, April 67 2 Senses and sensory stimulus, one of or pazarrlama, influence consumer perception, judgement, attitude and behavior, by providing consumers to make inferences about marketing components such as product, brand and service environment.

Assessing the influence of the color black or white and shape of the plate on the perception of the food placed on it. Handbook of consumer psychology, The effects of music in a retail setting on real and perceived shopping times.


Food Pazsrlama and Preference, 24 1 Journal of Consumer Research, 33 4 Gaining competitive advantage from packaging and labelling in marketing communications.

Applied marketing science, 5 3 Background music as an influence in consumer mood and advertising responses.

Is it the plate or is it the food? Packaging Technology and Science, 27 8 The 17th Annual Symposium pp.

Submission » DergiPark

Feminine to smell but masculine to touch? The effect of mere touch on perceived ownership.

Journal of Consumer Research, 22 2— As a result, the perception of the colors that are used in products and packages should be evaluated in context and the influence of the colors on senses should be considered in addition to the meanings of the colors that are widely known. How the 5 senses influence buying behavior.

What is Sensory Marketing. Cross-modal correspondences, which analyze the effect of interactions of senses on consumer perception is extensively studied in these days.

duyusal pazarlama stratejisi

An extension of dual coding theory. So, senses in marketing has been studied under the new approach, sensory marketing. Situational eff ects on brand preferences for image products. Journal of Business Research, 49 2 Journal of consumer Research, 36 3 Management decision, 44 6 Journal of Consumer Research, 4 2 The American journal of psychology, 1 Marketing Theory, 6 1 Journal of Marketing Research, 9 1 Students as subjects in consumer behavior experiments.

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Exploring the superadditive effects of scent and pictures on verbal recall: The effect of visual images on perception of odors. Strategic use of colour in brand packaging.

Journal of Consumer Research, 37 1 A sense of things to come. What we know about consumers’ color choices. The emotional, cognitive and biological basics of olfaction pp. Food Quality and Preference, 22 6 ,