Dune is the best selling science fiction/fantasy novel of all time. . Someone made a homebrew GURPS Dune splatbook which can be found. *originally intended for fanfic but cant as its not “legal”* Note: I wrote below before I realized it was not for distribution.(except bottom). This is a forum to discuss Frank Herbert’s marvelous Dune series.

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The techniques used to create face dancers caused them to be sterile. The Block score is determined normally as per Shield skill i. In fact, in the Missionaria Protectiva material, religion is described as “the purposeful instruction of the masses. Denis Villeneuve of Arrival and Sicario fame is now slated to helm a new adaptation. Often, the stimulus “triggers” were produced by being generated in the same axolotl tank.

Memorizers are prone to becoming overwhelmed by the minutiae of data. If successful, the victim can be ordered to comply to any order of moderate complexity.

Advisors planned for the long run, they negotiated delicate matters, they judged matters of life and death. The energy requirement of enhanced hyperdrives in increased by the square of the factor of final FTLSpeed increase.

I would also change that laser weapons are stopped by the Holtzman shield instead of the weird nuclear explosion on either end effect, from the books. First, he may remain perfectly still, making it extremely difficult for the attack to locate him. For every melee combat skill there is also an appropriate shield-fighting manuever. Heretics of Dune, New Dume A Mentat adept could be characterized as gutps a human in the generic, Bene Gesserit sense although the Sisterhood would deny it violentlyi.

The Corrino Empire or alternatively the Atreides Empire. Multifest Hydros, the mentat-politician who possessed seven different personalities; Piter de Vries, House Harkonnen’s effeminate psychopathic killer; Lizao Twine, the mentat- hermaphrodite whose courtesan palace disguised a notorious web of intrigue; Bliss Numera, the female mentat-monk-chemist, who for twenty-six years livid in solitary confinement, existing on vegetable broth, but failed to perfect the formulae by which to transform silverfern into melange.


Her rulers, seemingly without a care to the devistation they are working, have turned — with ever increasing frequency — to ggurps gladiatorial entertainment to appease the masses of starving duhe and retain order. If the hunter-seeker does not do sufficient damage to penetrate the targets DR, it udne stuck and cannot be used to attack again.

A supporting argument is that leadership is a matter of temperament, not reasoning ability.


The disguise is completed by the voluntary control the subject possesses over cremaster muscles in the scrotum, which allows the retraction of the testes into the abdomen. Usually a few clear sentences uttered by the victim are enough. When the desired size had been achieved, the valve muscles were relaxed and the valves closed, trapping the air inside the sac until such time as the dancer decided to “deflate.

Sapho is mildly addictive with heavy use. Find More Posts by Novembermike. To date the biologically active portion of spice has not been isolated, although it is known that other portions guurps the molecule contain clycoprotein, a cupric heme and cinnamic acid. Surprisingly, we are not all that obsessed with it, but we do respect Dune for all it’s done for sci-fi. Earthlike miles 1.

This sorting, sifting, and retrieving of information, as well as the ability to connect it with specific names, places, or events, is valuable beyond estimation in the anti-computer culture of the times. Any thoughts on how this should be done? A decent beer-and-preztels game without dnue hurr durr dumb. At the end of each month that furps character has used Sapho more than once per week, he must make a Will roll to avoid Addiction. What follows is a description of the original planet, much as the Zensunni wanderers, the Harkonnen, and House Atreides found it.

For Mentats Rhajia is the song of the sirens. Because of the harsh environment of Arrakis, most Fremen with physical disadvantages do not survive, and even mental disadvantages can be fatal if they led to acting without considering the consequences. Remember that you are not going to make an exact gurs but you are going to do something similar to it.


A successful DX roll is necessary to mount the sandworm. Most regular armies suffer from forms of this disadvantage. There are three boardgames worth mentioning that were based on Dune. The Bene Gesserit training allows members of the Sisterhood to be keen analysts, expert “seers,” and fearsome fighters.

During the years before puberty exercises allowing the differential stimulation of the muscles of the face are performed daily. Mercenaries A band of mercenaries for hire, or members of any of rune standing armed forces of a House Major or Minor.

GURPS Dune – how would You do it? – Steve Jackson Games Forums

Because the Sisterhood is the only party to teach some skills and the secrecy surrounding it, it is worth 40 points as an Unusual Background alternatively the Bene Gesserit could be treated as a Martial Arts Master and knowledge of the cinematic skills vurps manuevers would require the advantage Trained by Master.

The first and best remembered is the Avalon Hill game made by the same guys that made Cosmic Encounter ; it’s one of the crown jewels of the Avalon Hill body of work. Especially since it’s live action. This style is taught by an Mentat character of Baird’s own creation, but might exist in other campaigns as well: Maker Hooks Mechanical device of Fremen design and manufacture, used to mount and direct sandworms for transportation.

Addicts are prone to fits of depression between doses, and are incapacitated when under the effect of the drug. Find More Posts by Edman. Glaciation of Southern Ontario. Nerve Poison A single dose injected into the body by hypo, needler, crysknife, etc. But the subjective reports of scores of Mentats and the objective evidence of hurps of studies all point to the authenticity of the trance.