1 May So Bama Faustina published her milestone work Karukku privately in a passionate and important mix of history, sociology, and the. So Bama Faustina published her milestone work Karukku privately in a Her works have been translated into English, German, French, Telugu, and. Bama is the pen-name of a Tamil Dalit woman, from a Roman Catholic family. She has published three main works: an autobiography, Karukku, ; a novel, .

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Karruku is a poignant subaltern novel that speaks of the childhood experiences of the author.

Bama (writer) – Wikipedia

In Karukku, Bama attempts to provide us a glimpse of her life as a Dalit girl growing karukku by bama in english in a village in Tamil Nadu. Log into your account. Remembering The Mahad Satyagraha. Its nuance is incredible, as she describes not only her experiences vy Dalit and a woman, but also the loneliness of her everyday life.

karukku by bama in english Bama’s brave renunciation of the convent and setting up her life on her own terms is truly laudable, more so karukku by bama in english her Dalit and woman identity.

She writes of the oppression she faced within the convent to practice her religion and daily life in a particular manner. He uses it in the poem Taazhtapattor samattuvapaattu “Song for bamz equality of the oppressed”. The book is written in a very specific dialect Southern Tamil which definitely looses at least some of the lyricality and the rhythms in translation and may appear redundant to some. The structure is also a mess, with the story switching back and forth in time without proper transition rather akin to too many jump cuts within a movie.

Sadly most of the oppression related in the novel is still relevant. To be completely honest, I constantly had a feeling that there is more to the story that is not being said. I find it extraordinary given the central position Ambedkar holds now in the Dalit activism.


‘Karukku’: An Autobiography By Bama Exploring Her Tamil, Dalit And Christian Identity

I have always been proud of my identity as a feminist, bibliophile and bibliomane. The significance of the novel comes from its social message.

Bama is the pen-name of a Tamil Dalit woman, from a Karukku by bama in english Catholic family. The first autobiography by a Dalit woman writer and a classic of subaltern writing, it is a bold and poignant tale of life outside mainstream Indian thought and function.

Mar 06, Preeti Ramaraj rated it really liked it. For making such observations, Bama was ostracised by her own people who took time to realise that she was working for their common good.

Return to Book Page. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Open Preview See a Problem? Bama’s novels focus on caste and gender discrimination. Irrespective of whichever karukku by bama in english you were born into, if you have ever been subjected to feel unworthy of yourself by anybody be it society, government, family or friendsthen you are a Dalit.

This second edition includes a Postscript in which Bama relives the dramatic movement of her leave-taking from her chosen vocation and a special note “Ten Years Later”. At the same time, according to Gautaman, the new Dalit writing must be a Tamil and an Indian version of a karukku by bama in english literature of the oppressed; its politics must be an active one that fights for human rights, social justice and equality.

Bama focuses on two aspects, religion and caste karukku by bama in english throw light on the oppression Dalits face. To ask other readers questions about Karukkuplease sign up. And this has got nothing to do with the sincerity of the writer, let me assure you at the outset. So Bama Faustina published her milestone work Karukku privately in —a passionate and important mix of history, sociology, and the strength to remember. It is her driving quest for integrity as a Dalit and Christian that shapes the book and gives it its polemic.


In this case, though, this convention adds to the work’s strange paradox of karukku by bama in english and familiarity. Kaala highlights the role of politics in the victimisation of Dalits and their struggles to attain their rights of selfhood and dignity.

The problem I had with the story is the writing. Bama’s work is not only breaking a mainstream aesthetic, but also proposing a new one which is integral to her politics.

Karukku by Bama

Six magazines, wherever you go! Karukku reads as a serrating monologue, Bama packs a vicious punch in this svelte autobiographical novel. This is certainly not comfortable reading for anyone. Bama remembers their games as children where they did role play as upper caste men insulting Dalits or as men who karukku by bama in english for work and came home to beat their wives up!

She writes of life there in all its vibrancy and ni, never making it seem like a place defined by a singular caste identity, yet a place that never forgets, and is never allowed to forget its caste identity. She discovers, however, that the perspectives karukku by bama in english the convent and the Church are different from hers. This is the story of a Tamil Dalit Christian Women!