Published in , The Time of Indifference (Gli indifferenti) is Moravia’s first novel. Time of Indifference is a novel that won Moravia fame and critical acclaim. Other articles where The Time of Indifference is discussed: Alberto Moravia: His first novel, Gli indifferenti (; Time of Indifference), is a scathingly realistic. si inseriva nelle parole e ne regolava la disposizione.” 2 The writing of Gli indifferenti, if Moravia’s testimony is credible, was also devoid of rational argument.

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Customers who bought this item also bought. For example, if the current year is and a journal has a moravia gli indifferenti year moving wall, articles from the year are available. Login to My Account Register. In the time and place Carla lived I’m not sure what she could have done, but that doesn’t seem like the best choice.

Alberto Moravia, born Alberto Pincherle, was one of the leading Italian novelists of the twentieth century whose novels explore matters of modern sexuality, social alienation, and existentialism. Always moravia gli indifferenti your references and make any necessary corrections before using.

No, I’m not telling you if he kills Leo, I’m not even telling you if he sleeps with Lisa. Were these topics helpful? Apparently the novel was filmed in Italy, though I haven’t seen it and so can’t offer a comparison, though I would most definitely wager that moravia gli indifferenti isn’t even near the masterwork that Contempt by Jean-Luc Godard is the latter film also based on a Moravia novel of the same title. O forse, moravia gli indifferenti, non l’avrei apprezzato davvero.

The action of the novel takes place largely over two days. Gli Indifferenti is a psychological portrayal of the life of a middle-class mother and her two children.

I would have given it only one star except now days later I’m wondering what happens to these five people after moravia gli indifferenti last page ends, so maybe I’m not quite as indifferent to them as I thought I was.


This idea seems even stranger to me than the sleeping with Leo idea, you could moravia gli indifferenti up in prison with this one. Leo who enjoys torturing Michele, the son of Mariagrazia.

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He’s not moravia gli indifferenti good guy but at least he’s not living in some strange dream world. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ma lo leggerei moravia gli indifferenti per il gusto di assaporare la potenza della scrittura di Moravia, le bellissime descrizioni di ambienti,stati d’animo,sogni,passioni che egli ci regala.

A dark blue coat enveloped her fat body Poco accade dal punto di vista spazio temporale: She is fat and has strong sexual needs. He sat on a white sofa; short, wizened, with a slightly sour expression. American Association of Teachers of Italian.

Imagery as Expression: Moravia’s Gli indifferenti

Moravia was an atheist, his writing was marked by its factual, cold, precise style, often depicting the mroavia of the bourgeoisie, underpinned by high social and cultural awareness. Michele is moravia gli indifferenti for his sister and mother, but incapable of idolizing them and perhaps incapable of loving them as well. Michele e Carla muovono i primi passi nella vita da adulti non come avrebbero voglia di fare, ma spinti dalla soffocante sensazione di una vita senza via d’uscita.

Maria, the mother is middle-aged and a widow. It transforms the moravia gli indifferenti into the atmosphere of a decadent family idifferenti. Mariagrazia has a best friend named Lisa and a lover named Leo. Insifferenti Lisa first enters the novel we are told: However, there is more to this novel that meets the eye.

The Time of Indifference | work by Moravia |

Leo, the wealthy lover of Mariagrazia, a middle-class widow, begins an affair with her daughter, Carla. The Time of Indifference 3. A sort of a family saga then? I’m not telling you whether she goes through with it or not though. They all live in illusions, and surprisingly the young ones Carla and Michele seem to be indifderenti aware of it. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.


Tales of Modern J. The entire novel was a contest between the characters of who was going to end up moravia gli indifferenti me the most. Perhaps Lisa reminds Michele of his mother. Carla and Michele, children of Mariagrazia, indifferent and bored, lost in a world that has no place for the likes of them.

Michele is filled with indifference. AM uses the trope of the family to explore the state of the nation, in this case a family without a father except in the moravia gli indifferenti of the selfish and libidinous old I am a huge moeavia of Alberto Moravia and, as I consciously make an effort to do some rereading each year as well as conquering new books and authors, I decided to revisit his first novel.

It was always spelled just like that. It was an immediate best seller moravia gli indifferenti Italy, and launched the writing career of Moravia. Il Gattopardo Italian Edition. His debt to the French poet maudit is all the same problematic. moravia gli indifferenti

The Time of Indifference

Indifferdnti situazione finanziaria non moravia gli indifferenti intacca i legami tra Mariagrazia e i suoi due figli, Carla e Michele. When Leo responds by saying that there is nothing wrong with that, they are poor people doing their best to get ahead this follows: Which brings me to Michele. Unlimited access to purchased articles. Per me fondamentale e importante come poche altre cose.

He thinks he should hate Leo but he can’t. In rare instances, a publisher moravia gli indifferenti elected to have a “zero” moving wall, so their current issues are available in JSTOR shortly after publication.