1 Apr The story about the epic of gounders called ANNAMAR KATHAIGAL famously called PONNAR SHANKAR. PONNAR SHANKAR -CHERA CHIEFTAINS OF KONGUMANDALAM: The story is said to be that of two war heroes of Kongumandalam – Ponnar and Shankar. 21 Mar Lakshmy ramakrishnan is an indian actress ponnar shankar story in tamil pdf free download and director. she made her debut in the malayalam.

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Sankar were highly pleased and returned back to the Valla Nadu to continue their good work to the people in their kingdom. First, thanks for the preservation and presentation of this Historical event not seen in the History books of today. Publishing quality and relevant content you curate on a regular basis will develop your online visibility and traffic. There he witnesses his indomitable brother lying dead ponnar shankar story in a boulder after committing suicide.

It is said that the Chola king was very pleased with his services and donated him large parcel of land. It is impossible to miss the sight of the colorful effigies of brothers carrying swords with fearsome looks. All along, she was under the impression that Nellian Kodan could not be found and nobody knew about his whereabouts. He almost convinced the jury that he was telling the truth. She informed the little girl of her ponnar shankar story in relatives who stole the land from her father.

Ponnar well known in the entire region. A Cobra was living in the North of Kailash in a dark country and it worried about not having child. Some parts of the Kongu is irrigated by Kaveri. But ponnar shankar story in following are true.

Goddess travels to South doing lot of miracles among ponnar shankar story in people and reaches Ratnagiri Shiva temple Iyermalai near Kulithalai, Trichywere Iswara of Ratnagiri given a way to Veeramalai and turned Periyakandi to complete female form. After reaching Maniam Kurichi, they devised a tactic to meet Thamari.


As Thamari became very adamant and determined in her decision, Malai Kolunthu did not have a choice. During his time, there were hostilities among the more ponnar shankar story in Tamil Kings belonging to Ponnar shankar story in, Cholan and Pandian dynasties. One day, the head farm worker noticed that one goat was missing during the head count. During a family gathering, Thamari recounted to Ponnar-Sankar the whipping their father received from Chellatha Gounder during an encounter.

When Nellian Kodan was approaching Thamri, his aunt advised Thamari to give that beggar a measure of rye grain. Ponnar Shankar is about two war heroes of Kongumandalam – Ponnar and Shankar, who are worshipped even today in parts of Tamilnadu as ‘Gods’. Sinna Mali Ponnar shankar story in had two daughters. Please leet me know, the information that given in web, come out as a Book.

He expected Kali to attack his palace during his absence. Although, the couple was happy of their good fortunes, they were very much worried as they were not a getting a child as desired. Chola Maharaja gave wastelands to Kunnudaiyan. Sankar also grew into extremely handsome adults and commanded great respect for their personality.

Ponnar Shankar are worshiped as god by all the Kongu peoples from12 districts of Tamil Nadu.

Ponnar Shankar

The land was full of cactus, bushes and stones. She became wild and took an oath stiry front of them which may be forerunner of the Great Battle in the story.

I appreciate your post. In India, the local faiths and deities remains local and it never gets exposed even to the adjacent villages ponnar shankar story in frontiers. They also took pilgrimages to famous temples in the region.

It makes him an intriguing, troubled character. Suddenly, the parents die and Ponnar-Sankar rule Valanad under the gods grace.


Ponnar Shankar Story

shsnkar My sons will marry your grand daughters and bring them to my ponnar shankar story in. As per stry plan, Sembakulan undertook a journey through Vallanadu. She explains her history and Periyakandi realizes everything and asks Arukkani to do a homa and sprinkle holy water on the dead people. You can contact my uncle Mr.

Shiva appeared and requested to Periyakandi to go to Veeramalai in the South were she find white peak called Venmudi in that hill.

Ponnar Shankar Story : Sakthikkanal : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Ponnar shankar story in may be poetic licence It occupies the major places in our home and provides the additional attraction. Being king and generous, Ponnar ponnar shankar story in provided him shelter for the goldsmith in his palace. Summary of the story: Sahnkar, they decided to go to Chidambaram to get the blessings of Lord Nataraja for the birth of a child. Thamarai made a pledge stor her father that she will give birth to two male children and ponnar shankar story in will have two grand daughter and my sons will marry them and will put them in jail.

The supervisor severely whipped him until blood poured out of his body and kicked him out of the farm. They were extremely distressed with the breach of the trust of the Vettuva King. As he became owner of many hilly lands, he came to be known as Kunru Udiyan meaning the owner of hillocks.

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