Rifts – Coalition Wars Sourcebook – Secrets of the Coalition States – Heroes of . Rifts – World Book 31 – Triax , , KB. Triax™ Two is the long awaited and hotly anticipated sequel to the hugely popular Rifts® World Book 5: Triax & The NGR™ (more than , copies sold ). This is not a gripe I often have with Rifts books, but the cover to Triax 2 is rather boring and flat. Without prior knowledge of WB: 5, for instance.

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Note that Rifts, Triax and all our role-playing games are works of fiction! And they might need a Cyber-Doc to help for it to work on the pilot’s end.

Rifts® World Book Triax™ 2 – Palladium Books | Rifts |

The Griffon looks like a giant Cyborg chicken. These are the denizen that haunt Europe. What are the Blood Druids doing? Hmm might have to alter some landships now.

Also known as the “Jager”, which means It’s full of fucking doctors! What sort of government does the NGR have? Tfiax is supposed to be a scout cyborg, and can run around at MPH.

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It’s a relatively balanced variant on the existing model, overall. Weaponry — The saws are nice, but maybe a little flashy. So it gets reprinted here instead, in a peripheral book outside of the core setting ten books into the game line.

Within tfiax splintered gargoyle factions are there any new gargoyle warlords that are rising up the ranks, you know because conflict breeds hero’s both for the good guys and the bad. Sun Feb 26, 1: Triax and the NGR Part 6: Mercenaries, ttriax, outsiders and surprises.


It rivts leaves a very distinct set of tracks, I’m sure. I am not understanding why it is so hard to just give it some decent damage, and for something that size i would go with 1d4x Also their armor is already pressurized!

It can shoot poisoned blades that are useless against mega-damage target i. This is probably one of the clearest examples of that outside of the Three Galaxies. Then there’s the chance of attack by an enemy force that has snuck behind the border, spots the lifter coming their way, and acts like a bull seeing a wavy cape. I was disappointed that they were never referenced in the diplomatic relations section or the explanation around operation sea storm cause I am sure they would have helpedbut Griax guess the roman republic never made it into cannon.

Game of Thrones Rittenhouse. Fires volleys of medium range missiles or surprisingly plinky damage 1d6 x 10 from the main gun.

Alternately,the military can remotely fry their brain or explode their head. The lighting fists literally so. I wanna see new equipment from the phoenix empire and the legions of dead that are being sent to crush the NGR’s forces in France.

Maybe they mean enriched uranium?

This is only used by the NGR tria, mind – they don’t sell it lightly. The Gargoyle Empire “Hugs! It also has a “Glitter” variant that uses the same laser-reflective technology as the glitter boys.


For printed books, we have performed high-resolution scans of an original hardcopy of the book. One thing that bothers me is that the leg missiles seem to be kind of small, given that the previously-mentioned Super Trooper can carry twice as many despite being half the size.

The other issues is despite this being in the middle of a class section, no class is associated rfts this technology. The major NGR cities each have a unique character and are interesting to read about.

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A Flying Boom Gun! Rifter 51 has More gear for Triax 2 that is official. It’s super-secret because it would offend many of the NGR’s civilian leaders, griax. You get 50 baby cows in a box! Tue Jun 05, 3: Wed Jun 06, 6: They affect just about any supernatural creature except energy beings like elementals or entities. Apparently they’re top secret, even though they’re littering uranium whenever they use them, and soldiers are not told what the bullets are made out of and apparently aren’t even slightly curious enough to open up a clip or belt to look.

If it wasn’t for the “slammer” missiles, it’d be forgettable, but as it is it can leave enemies on their ass trapped in stunlock for the length of a combat quite easily.