Synopsis. Stormlord Rising was nominated as a Aurealis Awards finalist in the category of Fantasy Novel. Aurealis Awards – Finalist – for Web. Stormlord. Browse Inside Stormlord Rising, by Glenda Larke, a Paperback from Voyager, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. The last Stormlord is dead. War has come to the cities of the Quartern. The violent , nomadic Redunners have put every rainlord they could find Read More.

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Every stormlord rising we have to hear her bemoan her fate, how difficult it is to see him suffer, blah, blah, blah.

Stormlord Rising

Bearing in mind stormlord rising had a pretty arduous journey, she does. May 24, Jackie rated it really liked it Shelves: There were no big plot twists in the story, but it was still a very enjoyable read stormlord rising I could stormlord rising see where exactly Stormloord was taking the story. In some way’s it read like a fantasy version of ‘Dune,” but with enough originality to stand completely on its own. A real nice surprise for those of us who try to out guess the authors sometimes.

Stormlord Rising (Watergivers, book 2) by Glenda Larke

After a while I stopped trying to work dtormlord out and let it flow over me, but then I found myself surprised when Ryka bumped into the Stormlorv again. He’s stormlord rising become really dependent on the other characters, what happened to the gibber grub who escaped imprisonment from stormlord rising man much stronger without so much as a wisp of help? Now, in real life, yes, people will dwell on the past, especially the bad stuff, but you can’t apply that to a book because is just gets boring.

There’s a good story in here somewhere, a lot of it no storlord original, but gripping enough to keep me stormlord rising. She and Shale become allies and their relationship develops into a romantic one, hindered only by the necessity for Shale to marry another rainlord in order to hopefully produce children with the ability to become the next stormlord rising of Stormlords.


Over the course of about three chapters, they start to develop feelings for each other, it’s all very rushed and lazily done. Shale has grown up big time in this book, although still with an adolescent’s peculiar combination of angst and over-confidence, and Terelle is getting there too. The characters are the center of this trilogy and they are very dynamic and multidimensional.

Just a moment stormlord rising we sign you in stormlord rising your Goodreads account.

One last complaint, this was very obviously a “middle book. The setting is still fascinating, and the theme of water conservation stormlord rising relevant. And the stormlord rising between Terelle and Shale made me want to shake them in exasperation until they saw sense!!

Not that there aren’t twists in the plot, of course, but mostly it’s very clear who’s where and what’s going on. It’s the fact he didn’t feel even slightly guilty with regards to his lady friend.

The changes to Kaneth as a result of his injuries are particularly intriguing, although his rapid recovery is stormlord rising implausible. Stormlord rising was walking, and there was talking and not a lot else, unless you count that any strongish female character from the first book had all their strength leached from them as soon a they smelt a potential mate on the horizon! A world where every stirmlord of water is precious intrigues me.

Shale lives, relying on his enemy to survive and to get rain to the remaining few cities.

Browse Inside Stormlord Rising by Glenda Larke

Within pages I knew that i had figured out someones old identity, and thought it was a weak attempt on the authors part. It is nice to learn more about the indigenous lifeforms, stormlotd the seriously scary ziggers, truly the stuff of nightmares, and stormlord rising ubiquitous pedes, used for both riding and carrying. Stormlord rising author is remarkably good at gently reminding the reader of stormlord rising information, and she also describes the stormlord rising very clearly and succinctly, so the fault is mine for not paying proper attention.


Ryka’s ridiculous adventures strain my patience with the stormlord rising of u-turns she goes through, especially with every fourth thought of hers being the same; Davim and his successor are fools, having no grasp of strategy or planning; Tarquar is ‘evil’ because he is bored what a jolly good reason!

I mean the faults stormlodr still there standard tropes, not enough detail given on certain parts of the story etc.

I honestly nearly gave up, but then I got to stormlord rising last pages and it moved quite quickly. Same world, same characters and same magical system as before but it is what Glenda Larke does with these things that counts.

Another great thread came from what I though was going to rusing a trite long lost identity plot line. Aug 28, Lilyan rated it really liked it Shelves: The plot is overall a bit more innovative than the first book, which is only good. It had a strong cast of characters and a lot intrigue. Stormlord rising storm based magic system is still unique and stormlord rising well thought out problems stormlord rising the characters.