1 Sep Italian tycoon Luciano De Santis is breathtaking in every way: he has power, success—and a devastating effect on women. Now Luc needs a. The De Santis Marriage By Michelle Reid – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. 20 Feb MICHELLE REID CHAPTER ONE THE WHOLE pre-wedding party thing was revving up like a gigantic engine and Lizzy had never felt less like.

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We leave here in ten minutes. And the kiss Luc pressed to her lips was somehow piercingly poignant if only because it sealed this mad, ill thought-out union in front of a few hundred fascinated marriiage. The endless stream of elegant guests kept on coming. Lizzy closed her eyes when she felt the possessive claim that hand made and was ready this the desantis marriage by michelle reid for the desanti wave of pleasure that drenched her as he stroked, then cupped, then grazed the aching tip with the pad of his thumb.

But giving in and letting her hair hang down around her shoulders in a tumble of loose glossy corkscrews had only made her face look paler and her grey-green eyes look too big. The desantis marriage by michelle reid flared out from its edges, sending her hands up to press hard against his chest in an attempt to push him away. Lizzy’s character is weak and never developed.

The De Santis Marriage | Whimsical Book Lover

Also, I love that the sexy scenes are not “I hate you but I’m horny” scenes. She could feel the the desantis marriage by michelle reid attacking him, feel the fevered flush of his body and the tension in him, trapped his groan with her tongue when he pressed the distended tightness of her nipple against his palm. There was just no way she could control her response. He watched it happen, and there was nothing on his face to tell her what he was thinking, yet she sensed a tension in him that literally picked at her flesh as he the desantis marriage by michelle reid those eyes down her full length once again.

The De Santis Marriage

He had changed too, into a soft coffee-coloured linen suit and a simple tee shirt that the desantis marriage by michelle reid him look cool and casual and superbly stylish and just too darn sexy to be fair. Another fan spun quietly above a huge mahogany four-poster bed, and yet another one hummed across the room above the French windows in front of which a table and two chairs stood, already set for two.


She wished she knew why she did it. Bending down towards the bed, he picked up something. However there was a good long grovel scene at the end that was fun and the desantis marriage by michelle reid to read.

It’s my little kink. The heroine throws him for a loop by her honesty and her insecurity and her passion. Lizzy is depressing as hell, she’s shy and has very low self-esteem, and Luc is a domineering ass who plays dirty. It was like that between them now—a constant awareness that flowed across space like a magnetic vibration. I absolutely love this the desantis marriage by michelle reid With a soft curse, he drew her across the lawn and bundled her into the helicopter.

Second reason was the fact that some issues left unexplained – did Luc really break off his engagement and sent Bianca away as Bianca said? Luc is an amazing hero and the story plot was very fun and exciting. And he was looking down at her with one of those dreadful mocking smiles tugging at the corners of his mouth!

He was showing a united front and no amount of teasing from his closer friends about desantus possessive attitude to his bride could budge him the desantis marriage by michelle reid her side. She tensed, her fingers gripping the duvet. Reluctantly allowing herself a glance in his direction, she saw the the desantis marriage by michelle reid to an iron-grey suit land on the back of a bedside chair.

Well, there was no chance of that problem here, Lizzy thought, small white teeth biting down into her full bottom the desantis marriage by michelle reid as she hitched the tightly fitted basque top further up the pale plump slopes of breasts and grimly thanked the boning in the bodice for helping it to stay put. But her inability to be happy also made me wonder how she could fall in love with Luc, who she supposedly hated. Next he picked up the fountain pen and held it under her nose.

But instead she had to shimmy into this dress, Lizzy told herself, puffing back an unruly curl when it flopped across one eye as she settled the straps onto her shoulders then turned to the the desantis marriage by michelle reid to check out the finished effect. In fact you are not used to drinking alcohol at all!


She could tell from their expressions that the news about their scandalous marriage had even reached as far as this tiny island in the Caribbean. I choose to think it was the latter… Yeah and the HEA was a little disjointed and rushed but I still enjoyed reading it hence 3.

He made love to her with a grim and silent precision; he dragged each and every sensually erotic sensation to the stinging surface of her msrriage, smooth, receptive skin. Why wait until the wedding desantus break it off? His eyes took their time shifting from the portrait to the determined tilt of her marrlage.

At the top of the steps she found soft green the desantis marriage by michelle reid and carefully tended gardens and a path leading to a stone terrace beyond which stood the villa with its long windows thrown open to the softest of breezes coming off the lake.

Well, that was the desantis marriage by michelle reid, she told herself as she stalked around the car and into the house. However, this is not my idea of romance. Lizzy supposed it had to mean something at least. It took tye few seconds for his words to actually sink in—then they did sink in and Lizzy took a jerky step backwards.

Too big and tall, too lean and dark, too sexy and handsome—too crushingly cool and terrifyingly enigmatic, she decided as she hooked up her little silver beaded evening bag and headed for the door. His fingers closed around hers and he drew her upright. Have comic version too.

Overall book rating

What does surprise Hero first meets the heroine at one of the pre-wedding parties for his marriage to her best friend. Nothing in her meagre experience with men helped to the desantis marriage by michelle reid her as to what was coming. The next thing she knew the clasp of her bra had sprung free and he was lying her back against the pillows again and the scrappy bit of mesh mixhelle being trailed away. Was he just surprised?