The book that inspired the box office hit The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and this year’s The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel starring Judi Dench, Maggie Smith . Compre o livro These Foolish Things na : confira as ofertas para Deborah Moggach is the prize-winning author of numerous screenplays and. 20 Feb These Foolish Things by Deborah Moggach. Old flames burn in an Indian summer. By Barbara Trapido; Friday 20 February

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Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Everyone manages to mind their manners in this book, and many of the characters are genuinely likeable – even the ever-randy Norman Purse, who’s been more than a wee bit frisky since his prostate operation.

We are introduced to a variety of characters, from the Indian operators of the home to the incoming residents and their offspring – ranging from the unscrupulous to the exasperated – who are prepared to export their ageing parents halfway across the globe. The Guest Cat Takashi Hiraide.

There were deeply sad tales of the diminishing lives of the various characters. I think the readers who were offended by this book did not realize that the author was trying to portray the events through her elderly characters sonewhat ignorant and bigoted perspectives, not her own, and certainly did not assume the reader woul I thoroughly enjoyed this book – as usual, it went much more into each character’s personality and back story than the movie did.

As one of the book’s characters says, after her father dies, she is now an orphan, and further, she is next in the queue. Peopled by a wonderful array of characters who range from the merely eccentric to the totally ‘batty’, the antics of these pensioners had me quietly chuckling to myself – the antics of the impotent Norman, though ultimately sad, being nothing short of hilarious. Some of the intersections seemed a little too contrived, but there were no Hollywood endings to be seen.

This all goes to say that you may enjoy the book in its own right; it has very little similarity to the film. May 29, Jeff rated it liked it. Douglas Ainslie Penelope Wilton His ghastly, bottom-pinching father-in-law, Norman, has been thrown out of yet another nursing home and is now cluttering up Ravi’s house in Dulwich with fag ends and porn magazines.


The jacket describes it as the story of Dr.

Review: Fiction: These Foolish Things by Deborah Moggach | The Sunday Times

It appears that this character doesn’t even make it into the movie, seborah is probably a wise editing choice. It also creates a bond, and enables you to find empathy for even the characters who would probably irritate in real life, notably, Norman, the dirty old man, and possibly Muriel.

They set up a retirement home currently a run down guest house into a home for the more discerning customer.

There is a wonderful cast of characters – I am glad that finally after a very long time on mnt toobie – I have got around to reading this novel. The dissatisfaction of her characters is thrown into relief by the blighted landscape that is contemporary England: However, I think there is a problem in that it is difficult to care about quite so seborah characters.

Go east, old folks

The book opens with Dr Ravi Kapoor hatching the scheme to set up the retirement home in Bangalore, India primarily to rid himself of his noxious father-in-law. It’s not the sort of book I would normally read, so it’s thanks to the film that I picked it up. Soon the building is up and running, and filled with quirky and charming old folks. I do wonder if the book suffered as the film was so good – a friend read it recently without having seen the film and really enjoyed it, maybe I was just expecting so much more Apart from a few character names and a general mashing together of sub-plots, the book and film were quite separate entities.

Review: Fiction: These Foolish Things by Deborah Moggach

No trivia or quizzes yet. I admired Muriel’s courage, as she faces a trip to India after a lifetime of fear, ignorance and resentment of people from other racial backgrounds who have come to London, a violent mugging, the ransacking of her home, near destitution and the loss of her son. Ravi’s brother-in-law is cowed and miserable before his wife and his mother.

Rich People Problems Kevin Kwan. Well, you can read the blurb to find out the plot, so i’ll refrain from repeating it.

With the book, I had to make notes when I was being introduced to this multitude of characters, so that when they Having seen the film a little while debroah, I found that the book originally entitled These Foolish Things that it’s based upon is somewhat different from the film, except that a group of elderly people decide to go to live in a retirement home in Bangalore, South India. D octor Ravi Kapoor is tearing his hair out.


Norman’s the deborh who basically gets the ball rolling in this book when he moves in with his daugh The last book I read about Brits mixin’ it up with the people of India was A Passage to India.

It felt too messy, there were lots I was actually quite disappointed with this book. They are not some faceless, gray-haired mass lingering in the thinga, drifting off one by one. Now that is something to look forward too! Down Under Bill Bryson. February 1 Still, it’s not all gloom and doom.

She did not allow me to visualise a real place as I read her book. Doesn’t say anything good, but a lot none the less. The attitude to marriage is almost entirely negative.

Review: These Foolish Things by Deborah Moggach | Books | The Guardian

I wouldn’t tell anyone not to read it either Lethal White Robert Galbraith. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. She writes the sort of lively character-based fiction that Kate Atkinson writes with such commercial success, and she has been doing it for years and years. We’re htings because in the rat race the other rats are competition, not family I thought as I read the book that she could have been describing almost anywhere, throwing in a few local terms to remind the reader that it was India rather than coolish else.

If there is humor in old people trying to find meaning in what is left of their lives while waiting for the axe to fall. This book disappointed me. There are also some stories revolving around family members and hotel employees, all with messed up lives and dysfunctional relationships. They are either exotic sex objects or humble pets, unwitting and unwilling objects of desire or model minorities who submit to the white Britishers’ prejudices and whims.

Aged people from all walks of life, facing declining financial situations, wanderin Having adored the movie, I was motivated to read the book.