Vasubandhu’s “Abhidharmakosa-Bhasya” (ca. ), besides its culminating achievement in streamlining the overall structure of the exposition of the. In the following articles we propose to take upon ourselves the task of translation into English the nine chapters of the Chinese Abhidharmakosa which is entirely. abhidharmakośa-bhāṣya; 解釋: Vasubandhu’s auto-commentary to his Abhidharma-kośa in which he criticizes the interpretations of the Vaibhāṣikas and others.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Views Read View source View history. The hut kept out the wind abbidharmakosa rain, but there was little difference between the inside and the outside. Click here to login or click here to become a member. The name of the text literally means the strorehouse kosa of Abhidharma.

Abhidharmakossa from ” http: Retrieved from ” http: Later on, the same task of translating into Chinese was undertaken by the famous Chinese Scholar Hsuan-tsang who was well versed in the Sanskrit language.

Abhidharmakośakārikā – Wikipedia

He successfully completed this difficult task and produced a verbatim Chinese translation of the original Abhidharmakosa composed by Vasubandhu. The last, that is, the 9th chapter is in prose. According to him even parrots were well versed in Abhidharma and they were heard reciting it 1. Fen pieh shih chien p’in ti san.


Lamotte, EtienneKarmasiddhi Prakarana: These two were brothers hailing from Purusapura Fu lou sha fu lowhich is now known as Peshawara. Fen pieh ting p’in ti pa, and.

Abhldharmakosa Vasubandhu’s own commentary, there are nine commentaries which have been translated into Tibetan and found their way into the Tengyur. A large number of sub-commentaries on this text have been preserved in Tibetan translations.

Dignaga ‘s commentary, the Abhidharmakosa Vrtti Marmadipa also includes many sutra quotations.

Vasubandhu’s ” Abhidharmakosa-Bhasya ” ca. The extensive explanation of the nature of karma]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Annamaya Kosha is the outer abjidharmakosa and physical form of a human being- that is the human body The commentary on the Abhidharma Pitaka was known as the Vibhasasastra P’i p’o sha lun.

Treasury of Abhidharma – Rigpa Wiki

But it will not be out of place if we preface a few lines, with Vasubandhu, the original writer, and his Abhidharmakosa before discussing the actual work. Fen pieh ting p’in ti pa, and 9.

The Subtle Mind is called the Manomaya Kosa. Added to these qualities is its great value as a brilliant critique and zbhidharmakosa re-evaluation of all the fundamental Sarvastivada doctrines developed up to its time. From Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia. P’o chih wo p’in ti chiu. With the passage of time, it became so popular that Banabhatta who flourished in the 8th century A. This section contains Tibetan script.



Here the Master observed the custom of filial piety by watching over his mother’s grave for a abhidhamrakosa of three years. Abhidharmakosa is one of the most important texts in Buddhism. A Sangiti or Buddhist Council was held at Purusapura during the reign of emperor Kaniska Chia ni se chia who was a abhidharmkosa supporter of the Sarvastivada School of Buddhism.

Since its appearanceit has been used as a standard textbook for the understanding of not only the Abhidharma doctrines but all the fundamental Buddhist doctrines in general. Fen pieh chi p’in ti ch’i. It soon became very popular and received wide recognition in China. Views Read View source View history. The first eight chapters are comprised of six hundred karikas. The text comprises two parts and — a bare text of verses called the Abhidharmakosa karikar and verses wbhidharmakosa preso commentary called the Abhidharmakosa bhasya.

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