ALAN KAY & the Dynabook. Alan Kay is an American Computer Scientist. He is known for his pioneer work on “object-oriented programming” and in “graphical. Born in , computer scientist Alan Curtis Kay is one of a handful of Every modern portable computer reflects elements of the Dynabook. by Alan Kay. VPRI Paper In practice for the Dynabook, this required inventing better in , the year of the Dynabook idea, by Licklider and Bob Taylor (a.

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Inhe began graduate school at the University of Utah College of Engineering, earning kqy Master’s degree and a Ph. Latest in Alan kay.

Internet Archive admin – Sep 19, Is current ka improving or harming the social skills of children and especially teens? There is the desire of a consumer society to have no learning curves. This greatly inspired Kay’s evolving views on objects and programming. The first working prototype of Dynabook was built almost 20 years after creating the concept see the nearby image. In the abovementioned paper is specified: Having an intelligent secretary does not get rid of the need to read, alann, and draw, etc.

To call Alan Kay brilliant is an understatement.

Papert, a great influence kau Kay, was creating computer systems for children to use creatively on the other side of the United States, at MIT. His thoughts about an intimate personal computer were mostly of a service nature—that is, how could and should it act as an amplifier for human, especially child, endeavors? Science requires a society because even people who are trying to be good thinkers love their own thoughts and theories — much of the debugging has to be done by others. History of human—computer interaction Tablet computers User interfaces Xerox computers.

The device envisioned by Kay back in featured a display capable of displaying text and graphics, along with the ability to play several hours of audio files. The size should be no larger than a notebook; weight less that 4 lbs. In Kay created a very interesting concept—the Dynabook.


An Interview with Computing Pioneer Alan Kay

Can you comment about the similarities and differences in kaj culture of the two companies? For example, a Dynabook must allow texts to be edited and stored; it must allow its owners to express themselves through drawings, animations or musical compositions; it must offer users the possibility of reading innumerable books and letters; it must even be able to reproduce several hours of music or audio files and serve as a means of communication.

Before and during this time, he worked as a professional jazz guitarist. A system which is usable by all ages. That has not been the case for 30 alzn or so. A Discussion with Alan Kay”.

Since the late s, Kay has been working on the Squeak programming system, an open source Smalltalk-based environment which could be seen as a logical continuation of the Dynabook concept. According to Kay, Apple’s iPad not only fails to live up to the promise outlined in his ridiculously ahead-of-his-time research paper, but betrays it to a certain extent.

Disney had two basic tribes, both at extremes: Is the realization of an intelligent software or user agent the key to the end of the desktop metaphor in desktop and laptop computing? One way to think of all of these organizations is to realize that if they require a charismatic leader who will shoot people in the knees when needed, then the corporate organization and process is a failure. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

It is the first metamedium, and as such it has degrees of freedom for representation and expression never before encountered and as yet barely investigated. In a well functioning world, tools and agents are complementary. Retrieved from ” https: A personal medium — flexibility and portability. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Kay also envisioned, back in mind you, that the Dynabook would be able to connect to high bandwidth networks, download remote content and even offer a virtual keyboard if need be.


Classic puzzler ‘Lemmings’ returns as a free-to-play mobile game. I contributed ideas from a variety of sources, including myself, Negroponte, AI, etc. Apple’s reasons for this are mostly bogus, and to the extent that security is an issue, what is insecure are the OSes supplied by the vendors and the insecurities are the result of their own bad practices — they are not necessary.

Alan Kay is an American computer scientist, known for his early pioneering work on computers, object-oriented programming and windowing graphical user interface design. Both the former and the latter came about thanks to the ideas — or, to put it more precisely, the vision — of one of the most important men in graphical user interface design in computing, Alan Kay.

Can be used for text editing, storage and manipulation of data, drawing, reading, animating, compositing, calculating, et al. Inwhile he was working for the mammoth Xerox corporation, Alan Kay published his most well-known and significant article, on which all his ideas and visions since then have been based. Kay is incredibly sharp and insightful, and while he has a few bones to pick with the iPad, he shares a number of interesting perspectives on computing, education and business leadership.

Dynabook – Wikipedia

Any keyboard arrangement one might wish can then be displayed anywhere on the surface. It is not a tool, though it can act like many tools. Utilizamos cookies para ofrecerte la mejor experiencia.

As far as Apple goes, it was a different company every few years from the time I joined in May Learn how and when to remove this template message.