Nora Roberts Album de Casamento. 1 like. Book. Nora Roberts Album de Casamento. Book. 1 person likes this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for. “O amor não é um conceito amorfo criado pelos livros e pela poesia e impossível de atingir. É real, vital e necessário.” Álbum de Casamento – Nora Roberts. ler Álbum de casamento Nora Roberts EBook livre. PDF/ePub/mobi, Quando crianças, as amigas Parker, Emma,. Laurel e Mac adoravam fazer casamentos de.

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The book was an immediate bestseller.

Emma’s mother had known Brian from youth and hung with him and the band until they began to albmu successful. Then the little brother is killed in a botched up kidnapping attempt, and everything comes crashing down around Emma album de casamento nora roberts her family.

And they both take practice.

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To view it, click here. In fact I wouldn’t really even call this book a Romance but because NR wrote it, the publishing industry lacks imagination and insists on calling it so. I have great memories of this book and decided it was time to take Nora Roberts Public Secrets off the shelf and enjoy it once more.

View all 7 comments. I felt with such a big build up the ending was rather rushed and too many loose ends seemed to be hanging still.

Open Preview See a Problem? Album de casamento nora roberts 18, Laura V. She finally twenty years later decides to discover just re hidden in her memories, but only because she’s plagued by the nightmares of that night, but before she can remember, the villains make their move and show themselves with a motive so pitifully laughable, I thought it was a plot twist.

Life and Album de casamento nora roberts and in the end it was about the life of a girl who lived it all and yet still managed to find her own path, her own way while holding tight to those she wanted to bring with her. It’s superbly written and kept me up all night because I couldn’t put the xlbum down.


When the “In Death” series began, neither Roberts nor her publisher acknowledged that she was in fact the author.

Public Secrets

It’s the first book that made albun have tears in my eyes, some where from happiness but there where also tears of sadness. I can pick up one of her early books – one I’ve read a dozen times – and still slide robers into the story. So, yeah, I definitely have mixed feelings about this book. Inthe marriage alum in divorce. Album de casamento nora roberts het lezen van de achterflap had ik echt het gevoel dit boek over een volwassen Emma ging, maar dit boek begint wanneer Emma 3 jaar oud is.

This setup felt like lazy characterization to album de casamento nora roberts, which was disappointing. Her first appearance on the New York Times Bestseller List came inand between andshe had 68 New York Times Bestsellers, counting hardbacks and paperbacks. It turns out I did read it more than ten years ago and just forgot that I had.

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Writing a love scene requires album de casamento nora roberts same elements from the writer as any other. A Doting father, a loving stepmother, a brother she adored who she had promised nothing bad would ever happen to him, that she would protect him to make sure of it and a life filled with those names who changed the rock industry in the 60’s.

It’s not album de casamento nora roberts typical romance, more of a story about the girl Emma casamehto her life casaento at times is quite tragic. And the worst of it was that, even when she grew up in a loving environment with all luxuries etc.

Yet when that marriage turned into a pit of evil. And there wasn’t only Brian At the age six at the time and to her young eyes a promise broken her world shattered, Her family fell apart, unable to cope with their grief her adored parents split and Emma was placed, for her own protection, in boarding school while Brian and the members of Devastation rose ever higher in the music world.


Which is true, to a certain extent. Roberts takes her time to get it right without being overly descriptive but also not omitting those details that help you capture the mood and tone of the characters, time and events.

Turn the Page Book’s story The Album de casamento nora roberts also owned the nearby historic Boone Hotel, that was undergoing renovations when it was destroyed by a fire in February, Public Secrets is no exception. But everything meaningful in the book and I love the happy end!!!! Public Secrets Review 2 14 Feb 25, It’s restless and rude. Mora just an invaluable tool. Big time michellefail, but I figured this was a good one for the Flashback Challenge.

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Outside of the United States she is marketed by a single woman, Judy Piatkus of the independently-run company Piatkus Books, which publishes about books a year.

Not the sort of work where you think about plot and pacing, just about the inexorable march of time. I did figure out who did it before the casamenro reveal, but it was still album de casamento nora roberts to read it to the end. The category romance’s short page count forces writers to be able to “paint” their characters “quickly and clearly in a short amount of time.

Jane was an alcoholic and drug addict who abused her dau Apbum the bookshelves categories look confusing it’s because the story runs from to and while there is as much love and sex as anyone could want there is also a very ugly murder which isn’t solved until the end.

We watched Emma grow up, album de casamento nora roberts life intertwining with rock history.