Amos Oz Poveste Despre Dragoste Si Intuneric PDF – Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. O carte captivanta. Poveste despre dragoste si intuneric [Amos Oz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Roman magistral, detinator a zece distinctii literare, . Opera lui Amos Oz este tradusa in peste patruzeci de limbi. Poveste despre dragoste si intuneric a primit zece distinctii literare internationale, printre care.

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I heard him on the radio recently and found his perspective on Israel very insightful and enlightening. Acesta descopera treptat farmecul unui Israel legendar, in care dsepre si realitatea se impletesc dand nastere celor mai frumoase povesti. There was some, but more than anything,the book is a collection of events in the life a a boy who was trying to impress his father.

I have to give the translator a lot of credit for making Oz’ Hebrew and intunreic language word games and poetry work in English. Feb 20, I. Maybe the Arabs were being stirred up to hate us. It took me weeks to finish the book, when most books I devour in a day or two.

It was a wise decision which not only redeemed the governer but subsequently secured his brother Mikhail’s survival. Decency is the bread, kindness is the butter. All I can say is hmmm. A Tale Of Love and Darkness. There was some, but more than anything,the book is a collection of events in the life a a boy who was trying to While there is some great writing in the book and some very colorful characters, the pages did not flow.

One thin I picked up this book because I read that Amos Oz’ mother was born and brought up in the same town in Poland as my father was, Rovno.



I have just remembered something that I completely forgot after it happened. De politieke omstandigheden blijven dan wel op de achtergrond, maar spelen een belangrijk Pag This sometimes long and sometimes tedious, yet beautiful and sometimes magical book took me forever to read, but it was worth the effort, a fascinating study of what it was to be a first generation native Israeli with Eastern European parents who narrowly escaped death in the ‘s by moving to ei new Jewish nation.

Dec 23, Gabriel C. I only began to understand years later. I suppose his uncle and peers are well known in Israel, but they didn’t mean anything to me. This time I prevailed but I’m not sure I am better for having endured. He did not just politely pretend to listen, while This book contained wonderful descriptive passages but it did not flow.

Poveste despre dragoste si intuneric

In anybody else I would call it sloppy editing, but I attribute a method to Oz’ reiterations. There is no particular style or any interesting strory with few exceptions. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The political and military figures of Israel’s short history I generally know and find interesting. Beyond the personal story of Amos, it tells of how the Jewish diaspora of the modern era, particularly the European Jews, made aliyah to Jerusalem.

Inzestrat cu o imaginatie debordanta, Amos transfigureaza intamplarile i In Israelul de la jumatatea secolului XX, micul Amos isi petrece copilaria in intimitatea cartilor, a nesfarsitelor discutii intelectuale, pasionat fiind de marile intamplari ale istoriei, de sensul lor si inconjurat de membrii familiei sale, carturari autentici, care ii insufla dorinta de cunoastere.

Like a sergeant-major on a base for new recruits I rushed my poor father along, red-faced, panting, mopping his face all the time. Never read anything by him and probably won’t. In my view if an author writes a page book, he should be sure to have either a great style either very interesting stories despge his book is very demanding.


They were anything but reckless. There is no freedom about this: My great-uncle Joseph, full of love and self-pity, vulnerable and craving recognition, brimming with childlike merriment, a happy man who always pretended to be miserable or My grandmother Schlomit arrived in Jerusalem straight form Vilna one povdste summer’s day intook one startled look at the sweaty markets, the colorful stalls, the bleating of goats, the swarming streets full of the cries of the hawkers.

A Tale of Love and Darkness – 5 stars. It draboste best to save 5 stars for those books that you are sure must get 5!

Poveste despre dragoste si intuneric by Amos Oz (2 star ratings)

I dragged him off for a comprehensive tour of the length and breadth of Hulda. Stare at it for a few moments or longer, cross out the whole sentence or tear up the whole page. Open Preview See a Problem?

This is called an autobiographical novel of Israeli author written in The descriptions were the same — long and beautiful, but over-used and over-long. I also learned a lot about the painful childhood of Amos Oz who wanted to grow up to be a book and later states, “I killed off my father” referencing his decision to change his name to Oz.