Designation: A/AM – 90 (Reapproved ) Standard Specification for. 3 Oct ASTM AM Standard Specification for Straight-Beam Ultrasonic Examination of Steel Plates_建筑/土木_工程科技_专业资料。. Standard Specification for Straight-Beam Ultrasonic Examination of Steel Plates – ASTM A/AM1.

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With a fracture already present the strength of the material astm a435 compromised and is not reliable without further analysis dependent upon the intended use of the product.

You would have to take an accurate macro section to see astm a435 extent of the cracking and then determine why the cracks are there. ASTM does not give any warranty express or implied or make astm a435 representation that the contents astm a435 this abstract are astm a435, complete or up to date. Even though the plate had passed A examination, there were lots of surface defects on the gear teeth, which was not acceptable to their customer.

Combining values from the two systems may result in nonconformance with the specification. An equivalent standard is one which covers the qualification and certification of ultrasonic nondestructive examination candidates and which is acceptable to the purchaser.

Our client learned an asmt lesson on UT examination, and testing for end use. Who knows what else is wrong that you are not picking up.

Are astm a435 more in the material in astm a435 places that are too small to detect with the technique you are using? This specification covers the standard procedure and acceptance for straight-beam, pulse-echo, ultrasonic examination of rolled fully killed carbon and alloy steel plates.

It is informational only and not an official part of the standard; the full text of the standard itself must be referred to for its use and astm a435. I know you have a reference standard of some sort that your company wants you to establish the Sensitivity on a small Astm a435


Standard Specification for Straight-Beam Ultrasonic Examination of Steel Plates

Technically the product is acceptable to the ASTM standard. You are a little off topic. Link to Active This link will always astm a435 to the current Active version of the standard. Document your query by email because you never ast when cases can come back to haunt you. You say that you get a reflection from the middle of astm a435 plate thickness The astm a435 will be used for crane truss.

One thing that was not mentioned is the material of the plate?

As I understand it there are no welds involved. While scanning you find that a discontinuity is noticed This procedure is not normally used to detect cracks. Astn type of material is this Astm a435

Yasin – You astm a435 quite welcome to my opinions, and I thank you for answering the other guys and for providing those awesome images!! Dent ; We produce these plate. It’s hard to just guess, but I read ASTM-A to be a Specification used to evaluate astm a435 plates such that they can be delivered to a machining phase with good confidence that there are no GROSS internal defects not the same as discontinuity free and that if any indications are noted, they aa435 not larger in AREA than astm a435 3.

How deep are the cracks?

We had a client who bought astm a435 6″ mm plate in order to make some gears. What is thickness of plate? These indications are in the middle of the plate. Thickness of plate are 40 mm50 mm and rarely 80 mm. Most users that specify this for plate ‘cleanliness’ don’t understand just how much in the way of inclusions and lamellar type defects can be in a section of plate, and still pass the A examination.

If you are manufacturing the plates and you are getting these small cracks all the time then you need to change your welding process. Brenton astm a435 forget the weld.

Hope that helps you If the indication were to be closer to one surface or the other as opposed to being right in the mid-thickness it may be in an area that could be discarded before machining – have the engineering or design groups look at the drawings. Again, I think it astm a435 great that you take this much effort into something like this for your company, as well as the cutomer.

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The test shall be done by one of the following methods: Your photo did not show on the post. Bottom line is that ASTM is a workmanship based criteria and when dealing with cracks you need to use an Astm a435 based on fracture mechanics.

Any discontinuity indication causing a total loss of back reflection which cannot be contained within a circle is unacceptable. The values stated in each system are not exact equivalents, therefore, each system must astm a435 used independently of the other. It is clear that your astm a435 has asked for a steel plate of approximately 80mm thick and asked for “ultrasonic inspection” be performed on the plate s.

However if these plates are not subject to high stress or fatigue conditions they astm a435 very well be acceptable. I again agree with Dent: Astm a435 indications as mentioned in sec 6 of ASTM Cracks can be acceptable if an Engineers Critical Assessment is astm a435 on them.

Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have mentioned to you or anyone else about having any “cracks” or “crack-like” indications astk. There astm a435 small stepwise crack in material. At the proper sensitivity you may not even see them.

Yasin – I cannot astm a435 your photo either Do you have total loss of back reflection? The equipment shall be of the pulse-echo straight beam type. This abstract is a brief summary of the referenced standard.