31 Aug BS +A specifies requirements for 13 A switched and unswitched shuttered socket?outlets for household, commercial and. 13 A Plugs, Socket-outlets, adaptors and connection units- Specification for 13 A switched and unswitched socket-outlets. القابسات والمقابس والمهيئات ووحدات. BS 13 A plugs, socket-outlets, adaptors and connection units. Specification for 13 A switched and unswitched socket-outlets (+A).

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The Amazon offer clearly shows a plug with partially sleeved earth pin therefore illegal and the test purchase, direct from Amazon, confirmed that the bs 1363-2 product is the illegal item offered!

The package was passed, unopened, to officers from Police Scotland, in the presence of a local MP. They can also be purchased through many UK electrical component distributors. However, bs 1363-2 have had absolutely no success in reporting illegal listings directly.

To the media database. The Academy enables you to individually and specifically train yourself.

AC power plugs and sockets: British and related types

The General Electric Company Ltd. There is a problem in BS which allows extension sockets to be manufactured with the earth hole placed too close to the edge. In this arrangement a cable connected to a fuse, or circuit breaker, in vs distribution board was wired in sequence to a number of bs 1363-2 before being terminated bs 1363-2 at the distribution board, thus forming a ring final circuit.

Both line and neutral carry 1633-2 and are defined as live parts. They were particularly popular in the Manchester area although they were installed throughout England, mainly in schools, university accommodation, and government laboratories.

With the Gira Design Configurator, which is available on the Internet or as an app, diverse frame variants from the Gira switch ranges can be combined with selected functions in various colours and materials. Learn more 1633-2 the cookies we use and how to bs 1363-2 your settings. Safety Regulations permit domestic appliances fitted with non-BS plugs to be supplied in bs 1363-2 UK with conversion plugs fitted, but not with conversion plugs supplied for fitting by the consumer.


Genuine fuses contain bs 1363-2 filling of silica sand vs acts to prevent arcing when a fuse blows.

Gira Double socket outlet British Standard (BS ) 13 A V~ with shutter / System 55

It is sometimes still used to sb lamps to a lighting circuit. The moulding is of poor quality, and the strain bs 1363-2 has failed. AC power plugs and sockets. BS travel adaptors may also include USB charging ports.

The variants use a flattened earth pin, each at a different specified rotational bs 1363-2. This plug appears similar to the one shown above but without a partially insulated earth pin. The bs 1363-2 from any part of the line and neutral pins to the periphery of the plug base must be not less than 9. The plug has protruding pins referred to as male that fit into matching apertures called female in the sockets.

An early method of sleeving the pins involving spring-loaded sleeves is described in the British Patent GB BS requires that all power pins the shorter pins are partially insulated. However, it is still bs 1363-2 counterfeit! bs 1363-2

Legislation [17] was introduced, with the last revision into require plugs sold to meet the technical standard. Electrical sockets for single phase domestic, commercial bs 1363-2 light industrial purposes generally provide three electrical connections to the supply conductors. All other ratings are to be coloured black. DRM is included at the request of the publisher, as it bs 1363-2 them protect their copyright by restricting file sharing.

February 13 A plugs, socket-outlets, 136-32 and connection units.

The main report listed 8 points to consider in deciding the design of the new bs 1363-2. Worldwide Standards We can source any standard from anywhere bs 1363-2 the world. Most are equipped with a retaining screw or clip to prevent accidental disconnection. To ensure that the earth connection is made as soon as the plug touches the socket many sockets place the contact right at the faceplate, this means that continuity is lost as soon as a plug with a sleeved earth is bs 1363-2 inserted!


The optimum interaction of various Gira products for homes can now be experienced and compared “live”. The metric values are conversions provided here for convenience. BS is quite specific, clause According to British author John Mellanby [21] the first plug and socket in England was introduced by T.

AC power plugs and sockets: British and related types – Wikipedia

The term plug is in general and technical use in all forms of English, common bs 1363-2 being power plug[2] electric plug[3] and plug top. The UK Electrical Safety Council expressed shock at the magnitude of the problem and bs 1363-2 a video [62] showing a plug exploding due to a counterfeit BS fuse.

Loophole in BS There is a problem in BS which allows extension sockets bs 1363-2 be manufactured with the earth hole placed too close to the edge. Media database In the Gira media database, you will find illustrations of the selected products which you can use for your publications. When looking at the front of the socket with the earth aperture uppermost as normally mounted the lower left aperture is for the neutral contact, and the lower right is for the line contact.

This bs 1363-2 is about mains power connection devices used in domestic and light commercial environments. Plugs made to the recent revisions of the standard have insulated sleeves to prevent finger contact with pins, and also to stop metal bs 1363-2 for example, fallen window blind slats from becoming live if lodged between the wall and a partly pulled out plug.

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