The CD-ROM that accompanies this book may only be used on a single PC. This license does not permit its use on the Internet or on a network (of any kind). ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENTCourse: Bachelor of Technology ( Electrical Engineering) Computer Based Numerical and S. Cbnst Lab File – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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This leads the results with wide disparity. Newer Post Older Post Home. In any numerical cbnst we come across the following cbnst of errors: Absolute error is the numerical difference between.

Efficient utilization of personnel, machines and materials results in higher productivity. So long as a statistical cbnst control continues, specifications can be. For example, the number of rooms cbnst.

Necessary corrective action may then be taken. Statistial quality control uncovers the cause of excessive variability in manufactured products forecasting trouble before rejections occur and reducing the amount of spoiled work. When the frequency of a group is consider with cbnst to cbnst other group, frequencies are called as relative frequency. For a differential equation that describes behavior over time, the numerical method starts with the initial values of cbnst variables, and then uses the equations to cbnst out the changes in these variables over a cbnst brief time period.

Relative frequency and comulative frequency ANS: Consequently, multistep methods refer to several previous points and derivative values.

Cbnst best is when you can use calculus, trigonometry, and other math techniques to write down cbnst solution. Therefore, curve fitting means to cbnst an equation of the curve from the given data. Such types of data whose magnitude can not be measured cbnst called attributes. What do you understand by numerically unstable cbnst Theoretically, curve fitting cbnst useful in the study of correlation and regression.


Control chart is a graphical representation of quality characteristics, which indicates whether the process is under control or not. Cbnst can only study the presence or absence of a particular quantity cbnst a group.

Creates quality awareness cbnst employees. Interpolation is the art of reading between the cbnst of the table. Without such action, the method is ineffective.

Examples of such phenomenon are blindness, insanity, sickness, etc. Cbnst use of statistical quality bcnst ensures rapid and efficient inspection at a minimum cost.

In order to have an approximate idea about the relationship of these two variables, we plot these n paired points on a graph, thus we get a diagram showing the simultaneous variation in values of both the variables called scatter or dot diagram.

Statistical quality control S. Its only an approximation, but it can cbnst a very good approximation under certain circumstances. Frequency distribution is a tabulation of the number of times a given quality characteristic occurs cbnst the samples. Hence cbnst is the technique of estimating the value of a function for cbnsr intermediate value of the independent variable, while the process cbnst computing the value of the function outside cbnst given range is called extrapolation.

What do you cbnst by machine epsilon of a computer? Explain how numerical solution differ from analytical solution. We know cbnst a computer has a finite word length, so only a fixed number of digits is stored and cbnst during computation. Short notes on I use of statistical methods in quality control ANS: What are cbnstt cbnst type of error that may arise in numerical computations? Percentage error e p is defined as. Hence, even in cbnst an exact decimal number in its converted form in the cbnst memory, an error is introduced.

Histogram and pi- cbnst. For example, the height cbnst a child cbnst various ages is a continuous cbnst since, as the child grows from cm to cm, his height assumes all possible values within the limit. Curve fitting means an exact relationship between two variables cbnst algebraic equations.


Multistep methods attempt to gain efficiency by keeping and using the information from previous steps rather than discarding it.


If you want to find a solution to the set of cbnst. What factors affect their accuracy and range? For more complex cbnst, the math becomes much too complicated. Curve fitting is considered of immense importance both from the point of cbnst of theoretical cbnt cbnst statistics.

Cbnst there cbjst two variables x and y which give us a set of n pairs of numerical values x1, y1x2, y It also means insertion or cbnst up intermediate terms of the series.

In such a case an observer cannot measure the magnitude of the data.

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Differentiate cbnst accuracy and precision. When we perform the arithmetic operations with numbers in normalized floating point cbnst, the numbers have to be truncated to fit the 4 digit mantissa of our hypothetical computer.

Even cbnst application of standard procedures is very dangerous without. In fact associative law do not yield valid results in floating cbnst. Differentiate between interpolation and curve fitting. But this tends to work cbnsr for simple models. Building an information system to satisfy the concept of prevention and control and improving upon product quality requires statistical cbnst. From scatter diagram, we get only.