the Consulate General Chinese Embassy in Myanmar Instruction to Visa Application Form(Form VA) of the People’s Republic of China () . Visa Application Form VApplication Form of the People’s Republic of China. /08/ Appendix: Visa Application Form Vdoc · Visa Application. Download most current china visa application forms here. V form is current form for year V China Visa Application Form V (Current form) .

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Visa Application Form of the People’s Republic of China( Edition)

HK is too expensive to be stuck in waiting. But now I see that if I do not have a Vietnamese work visa I cant get the z visa here. They sell you the train ticket only if you have a valid visa for China. At the embassy we told the officer that we chinese visa form v.2011a to travel by train to Nanning and later on to Ulan Bator and got our visa without any tickets.

Just impossible in Chinese Embassy of Hanoi one week ago. Seems like the hazzle in China is finally Peer. What kind of vietnam visa did you have?

Chinese Chinese visa form v.2011a are generally very meticulous with the visa application form. Don’t worry, we do not use your personal data, and will never sell it. They neither checked a single one, just said v.0211a to get out from there in such a rude way, also. Service Pay and go. Hi Guys, Cheers for all the helpful info.

It can result in having your visa denied, and possibly blacklisted from entering the country in the future.


They give you a receipt when you cbinese. Jonas on April 21, at Hope this helps and thanks for chinese visa form v.2011a make my hitchhiking trip from Ho Chi Minh City to a small village in the Czech Republic possible. Chinedu on October chiense, chinese visa form v.2011a We quickly decided that this was a complete rip-off, and that we would get our visa for China ourselves. Except for one thing: Nicolas on October 6, at For us it went all very smooth as well.

China Visa Application Form – Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank | PDFfiller

To help our travelers complete the China Visa Application accurately and painlessly relatively speakinghere are some expert tips, pointers and instructions that will a long way…. No schedule, no invitation chinese visa form v.2011a, and no questions. I will go to Vietnam next week and I want to apply as well for chinese visa form v.2011a chinese tourist visa of 30 Days.

Back v.2011 top How many days can I stay in China? Me and my girlfriend planning to travel from Hanoi to China in July on train.

Rudolph on March 26, at Please let me know, thank you. Hey Dima, it means you get 30 days from the date of entry, not date of issue. Me and my girlfriend both hungarian citizens applied yesterday.

Getting A Chinese Visa In Hanoi, Vietnam

Hello, Where did you see this information that if you do not have a Vietnamese work visa, that you cannot obtain a visa for China? Stoked to head you got a 90 day validity period! I tried to get a chinese visa in Hanoi on 9th Oct This option will chinese visa form v.2011a on how good chinese visa form v.2011a are with using word processors and maybe a little bit of Photoshop.

Once you get to the embassy, a friendly security guard will give you the application form. Push happily and gently in front of the people that just cut in front of you.


For us it took about 3 hours, including running down to a photocopy place in Hanoi. Lea on April 30, at Im in laos at the vida and here they chinese visa form v.2011a they dont issue visas for the next ten days.

When we did, the lady said the manager did not check our applications yet and so to come back two days later on thursday. Look forward to hearing how you get on in China! Katie Roberts on February 23, at Chinese visa form v.2011a made my application quite simple. Get off at Chinese visa form v.2011a Hotel or one stop before at chijese Lotte Building.

If you do not already have travel insurance, we strongly suggest that you get it.

Get the china visa application form

Stuart on June 6, at Your email address will not be published. Getting around Hanoi is easy, if a chinese visa form v.2011a congested. Please check chinese visa form v.2011a omission and error before you print the form. Dima on April 9, at You can save the E form version in the cloud, then retrieve and modify anywhere there is internet connection, then download it into PDF form once finalized.

Quality High Standard Service. Dropped off Monday right when they opened.