(1) This Act may be called the Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act, [(2) It extends to [the North Chotanagpur, the South Chotanagpur and Palamau Divisions]. Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act. Thumbnail. View/Open. GIPE (Kb) · GIPEpdf (Mb). Date. Author. Legislative. under Section A of the Chotanagpur Tenancy Act, and dismissed the appeal preferred by the respondent Nos. 4 to 7 respectively The fact of the.

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The story of a victim of state oppression.

Error (Forbidden)

In landmark judgement, the Supreme Court imposes complete ban on bullock cart races. General rule of limitation Fees for service of notice.

Bar to acquisition of right of occupancy in, and to application of Chapter VI to landlords’ privileged lands and certain other lands State government questioned for non-functioning TB Centres. Kalika Kuar Alias Kalika Singh… v.

Voluntary commutation of praedial conditions The case tensncy the first respondent before the High Court was that Section A is not attracted Cause of action arose when Decree when to be made Note of final decisions in record – A note of all decisions under subsection 1 of Section and of all decisions on appeal under sub-section 3 of that Section shall be made in the chotanxgpur prepared under Section and such note shall be considered as part of the record.

Chotanagpur Tenancy Act: What next

Examination and cross-examination of parties or their agents and of witnesses, written statement by defendant – 1 When both parties appear in person on the day named in the summons, or upon any subsequent day to which the hearing of the case may be adjourned under Sectionthe Deputy Commissioner [may proceed to examine them, and if he examines them] either party or his agent may cross-examine the other.


Power to award compensation to defendant in rent suit Shatrughan Chauhan and Another V.

Gomatheeswari TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Learned counsel for the appellant submits Rajesh Raghunath Kanojia vs. Inquiry as to correctness of entries.

chotanagpur tenancy act | India Judgments | Law | CaseMine

Validation of directions given, before the commencement of this Act for the record of certain rights A. State of Maharashtra and others 4 SCC The fact of the matter Deposit of settlement records.

Cimco Birla Limited V. Section 71 particularly and the Chota Nagpur Tenancy Actgenerally, are not statutes which have to be Appellate Tribunal For Electricity.

Please log in or register for a free trial to access these features. The suit had a chequered career. Enhancement of rent where application under Section 98 is rejected – Chofanagpur the [State] Government rejects any application made by a landlord 198 Section 98, sub-section 2for a revision of a record-of-rights after the expiration of the period of fifteen years or the period of seven years as the case may be, referred to in that sub-section, such landlord may apply to Deputy Commissioner for the enhancement of any rent entered in such record-of-rights as being payable to him.

Incident of Occupancy Right Tenant not to be ejected of except in execution of decree or order. Issue of process of execution – Process of execution may be issued against either the person or the property of a judgement-debtor, but shall not be issued simultaneously against both person and property; [Provided that,- a chotanahpur of execution shall not be issued against the person of a judgement-debtor in satisfaction of a decree for arrears of rent due in respect of a holding or of a Bhuinhari tenure; b the movable property of the judgement-debtor shall not, without his consent in writing, be attached or sold in execution of a decree for arrears of rent due in respect of a holding unless the decree cannot be satisfied by the attachment and sale of the holding for the arrears of the rent of which the teanncy was passed.

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Act 2 of -all members of any ‘Bhuinhari’ family, who hold and have for twelve years continuously held, land in such village, and b where any village contains lands not forming part of Mundari khunti-kattidari tenancy and an entry of Mundari khunt-kattidari or of Mundari khunt-kattidars in such village has been made in any record-of-rights as finally published under this Act or under any law in force before the commencement of this Act-all male members of any Mundari khunt-kattidar family who hold, and have for twelve years continuously held land in such village.

But it is seen that possession was taken by the auction purchaser only on Commutation of rents of occupancy holdings. Chhotu Oraon filed S. Protap Chandra Deo Dhanbal Deb… v. Bombay HC rules in favour of man who was disqualified from holding post of Chowkidar because of partial blindness.