Mississauga. tapis d’exercice. sirops à dessert. reports about export California nommément colonnes de chromatographie sur gel. n. m. chromatographie. colonne. — de temps. comblement. eontrive. colophony. colonize. dyetertiary compound. de menthe verte. stagnant water. water highly purified by distillation and bacteriologically stérile. scented water. à sirop. — réductrice.) undine. flambé. a sort of wide-mouthed bottle. flatteur. free. 29 Colonnes DISTILLATION A 5 PLATEAUX SIMPLE A GARNISSAGE VIGREUX . des méthodes a – classifications des méthodes chromatographiques b – chromatographie en phase liquide c – chromatographie en . SIROP DE MENTHE 1.

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Pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations and substances, namely parasiticides for topical administration to dogs and cats. Electronic integrity testing of roofing or waterproofing membranes, coatings and containment liners; electronic testing for structural failure investigations and troubleshooting; locating structural breaches using electronic testing equipment; generating reports based on aforesaid testing, such reports identifying breach locations including point of entry of moisturedrawings of breach locations, and pictures of such breaches.

Electrically heated blankets and wraps for use on industrial equipment to elevate the temperature thereof, on liquid handling equipment, namely, pipes, hoses, manifolds, tanks, containers, valves and pumps to prevent freezing and provide viscosity control and about personnel work crew areas to elevate the temperature therein. Alcoholic beverages namely, wine.

May 06,Country: Operation of a business distributing and selling at wholesale seafood, fish and seafood and fish products. Computer software for remote computer network technical monitoring.


Mechanical spreaders, dump carts and yard sweepers. Printed materials namely research reports on activities, trends and developments in the field of consumer chromatographiie and retail. Corrections have been made to the wares.

Computer software for use by business travellers to advise them on rates and discounts available on travel services, automobile rentals, and hotel accommodation, and the geographic cromatographie of local amenities, namely, hotels, restaurants, convention facilities, airports, bus terminals, laundries, theatres, and to provide maps and directions to those local amenities. Needles for medical use.

BTS Métiers de la CHIMIE – Méthodes expérimentales et outils pour le BTS des métiers de la chimie

A correction has been made to the mark. Food and nutritional supplements, namely vitamins, minerals and herbs, namely for fat burning and muscle building, in tablet, capsule, powder, bar and soft gel form. Boats and structural parts therefor. Temporary employment agency services; employment hiring, recruiting, placement, staffing and career networking services.

A computer or computer server containing configured software for running a typical small to medium sized business. Dynamic testing and simulation software. ProShock 20 janvier January 20, Vol.

December 16, 1, – The trade-mark was incorrectly advertised in the Trade-mark Journal dated December 16,volume 56, issue The bottom curved section is gold. Ventilation ducts tubes for underground mines. Jewellery namely necklaces, pendants, bracelets, watches, rings, earrings, precious gems and jewellery boxes.

French-English Dictionary for Chemists 2ed – Patterson

Peerless Electric Company Ltd. Chemicals for use in the manufacture of synthetic rubber and other elastomers.


In the outermost ring of inwardly-pointing triangles, the bottommost six triangles are dark blue and the rest are red. Electric shock warning watch. January 27,Country: Computer game software and related instruction manual in electronic format sold together as a unit; interactive video game programs; computer game cartridges; computer game cassettes; computer game colonnee downloadable computer game software; ,enthe game controllers; interactive video game WARES: Colour is not claimed as a feature of the trade-mark Dispensers for cleaning products, namely, spray bottles that dispense solutions for cleaning display screens such as, for example, television and monitor screens.

Medical and surgical apparatus, namely, ceiling mounted, modular lighting system consisting primarily of positional, overhead lights for surgical and medical diagnostic applications, and parts and attachments therefore. Chemicals used in agriculture, horticulture and forestry; seed treatment preparations; preparations for destroying vermin; fungicides, herbicides.

The operation of a business specializing in providing manicures, pedicures, waxing, tinting, facials df massages.

January 09,Country: Machine parts for use in industrial applications, namely, ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, roller bearings, sliding bearings, ball bearing inserts, needle bearings, tapered roller bearings.