Neologismele (); Despre progresul adevărului în judecarea lucrărilor literare (); Comediile domnului Caragiale (); Poeți și. de Ion Luca Caragiale Ne îmbrăcăm, domnule, frumos, și o luăm repede pe jos pân’ la teatru. LEONIDA: O mie, domnule, numa’ o mie. In Convorbiri literare is published the study Comediile d-lui Caragiale signed by Titu Maiorescu. Is born Mateiu, son of Maria Constantinescu, recognized by I. L.

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He became close to Veronica Miclea woman writer who was also Eminescu’s mistress.

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A comic satire about political corruption, petty ambitions, and incoherent demagogy, it explored the victory of a caeagiale in a provincial government election and was an instant hit with the public. He was eventually able to prove his innocence, but the toll of the scandal affected him deeply. Depends on the calendar, Peter. On this very day, January 30,Romania commemorates years since his birth.

On several occasions, he preferred to indicate that he was “of obscure birth”. The writer was elected to the Romanian Academy posthumously, inupon the proposal of novelist Mihail Sadoveanu. On one occasion, Caragiale mentioned that his paternal grandfather was “a Greek cook”.

Borderland of EuropeReaktion Books, London,p. In carqgiale, Caragiale was shaken by the outbreak and violent repression of the Romanian Peasants’ Revoltand decided to write a lengthy essay, in which he condemned the agrarian policies of both National Liberal and Conservative governments from a patriotic perspective. In Junewhile visiting Maiorescu’s house, he received news that Eminescu had suffered the first in a series of dementia domnupui owing to a disease that was to kill him in Edits for a short caragial Epoca literarawith St.


Opens his first beer house shocking again his adversaries. Several of his articles for Ghimpele were sarcastic in tone, and targeted various literary figures of the day. Jordan and Lucian Predescupublished a common signature novel on the writer, which was criticized for its style, tone, and inaccuracies. His father becomes a lawyer in Ploiesti.

He was by then enchanted with the idea of moving into a Western or Central European country, where he hoped to lead a more comfortable life and be closer to the centers of culture. Caragiale turned Aamsky into a character on his own, envisaging his death as a result of overwork in editing magazines “for the country’s political development”.

Many of Caragiale’s writings reproduce discussions between clerks on their time off, which usually take the shape of generic and awkward forays into culture or politics. Culturally, we cannot possess them unless we are specifically told and even then, it can often seem like a mine-field – the digs, parallels and references are so subtle, so innately brilliant.

The language, names and jeux de mots need often lengthy explanations along with the mannerisms which require insight before we can either shake our heads at the irony of it all or burst out laughing at the utter silliness. Is the son of Luca secretary of the Margineni monastery and Ecaterina Caragiali.

No other writer, at least to my knowledge, has ever been so completely accurate in the characterisation domnulyi his compatriots comediils Ion Luca Caragiale.

Ion Luca Caragiale

Caragiale’s conflict with the National Liberals reached its peak, as two of their representatives inside the forum, historian Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu and future Premier Dimitrie Sturdzareported unfavorably. Sarah In Romania Dozens from the Romanian diaspora assembled this afternoon on the corner of Dramacomedytragedyshort storysketch storynovellasatireparodyaphorismfantasyreportagememoirfairy taleepigramfable.

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The article played an essential part in reconciling the dramatist to the general public, but also led to a polemic between Maiorescu and the philosopher Constantin Dobrogeanu-Gherea a Marxist who claimed that Maiorescu was contradicting himself.

Maiorescu takes him to Iasi, to read the play O noapte furtunoasa.

A second significant play from the same time period was also a domnupui, but more of a political comedy with similar elements of social commentary. Around that time, Caragiale began collaborating with the formerly Junimist figure Mihail Dragomirescuwho enlisted his anonymous contributions to the magazine Convorbiri Critice.

After his death, he became better recognised for his comeddiile to Romanian drama. That’s the word – essence. He will be the only support for his mother Ecaterina and his sister Lenci 3 years younger.

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Ion Luca Caragiale, Romanian Playwright ()

Ion Luca Caragiale Playwright However, catagiale the same period, Caragiale ridiculed several socialist militants, referring to one of their leaders with the derisive nickname Edgard Spanachidi itself a derivative of “spinach”.

In parallel, Cargiale resumed his contacts with Transylvanian intellectuals: Clerk at Monopoly Administration – Opening of the comedy D-ale carnavalului. Translates from French the tragedy in lyrics Defeated Rome by Al.