Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb The secret of the Soviet hydrogen bomb Confronting the Bomb: Pakistani and Indian Scientists Speak Out. Although individual pieces of this story have been told before and told well, Rhodes’ contribution is in putting together a comprehensive picture of the. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb | Here, for the first time, in a brilliant, panoramic portrait by the Pulitzer.

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Goranson Limited preview – This philosophy does not, however, embrace the arguments made by atomic scientists like Ernest Laurence, Luis Alvarez and Edward Teller that the United States should have gone into a crash program to develop thermonuclear bombs from Rhodes’ “Arsenals of Folly, The Making of the Nuclear Arms Race, Vintage,p.

This book is in a way more interesting to read than Rhodes’ earlier book, containing a detailed description of the spying which produced the Soviet atomic bomb. First off, Dark Sun is extremely interesting, with incredibly detailed research.

The United States government was stunned to discover that the Russians detonated their first bomb, a copy of the U. Jun 18, James Murphy rated it really liked it.

Cases, Metrics, Tools H.

The book also highlights evolving ideas about nuclear technology within the military, political, and scientific communities as ever more powerful weapons are conceived and developed. One cannot fail to see the parallels to the life of Teller. Bombs made by fusing hydrogen to helium, releasing enough nuclear energy to dwarf fission weapons, i. Without writing a full review I will comment on three areas of special interest to me: Given that much of the Soviet bomb program is probably still classified by the Russians, and that we’ll probably never know what information the FBI gathered illegally about the Rosenbergs and Oppenheimer, this is probably about as close to the truth as I’ll ever read.

In the long history of human slaughter, that is no small achievement. The science is all unclassified but with that knowledge I could if I suddenly found myself back in time, cut years or even decades off the development time for nuclear weapons. With the end of the cold war tensions eased for a while but have not gone away and have even increased in recent years. Fuchs had knowledge of all atomic development secret processes and sent everything he knew to Beria’s operatives.


Dark Sun: the making of the hydrogen bomb – Richard Rhodes – Google Books

The Color of Truth: There’s only so much heavy hydrogen you can wade cark before you want a chase scene or so This is sort of the sequel to his The Making of the Atom Bomb which I liked, albeit it was thick and complicated.

Paperbackpages. These figures and others provided the Soviets with a good deal of information about the atomic bomb program, in particular the existence of plutonium and the use of implosion to create a plutonium bomb as opposed to a.

Rhodes does not discuss how the Russians obtained the information to build their bomb. Apr 15, Mike rated it really liked it Shelves: The rest of it is largely concerned with Soviet espionage, the history of some aspects of the Hydtogen bomb program, and a lot of political wrangling that led to, in thr end, the adoption of MAD as national policy and the to my mind unfortunate decision to turn on Oppenheimer.

They can really bring and end to humanity’s tenure on maing planet. Which, of course, is a hypothetical. Quotes from Dark Sun. Material of Immense Value. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

I enjoyed the historical parts much more than the technical parts. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Oppenheimer lost his clearance, and Teller lost the goodwill of many of his colleagues makong his testimony during the hearing. The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb.

I finally abandoned this after pages. The Roosevelt government had actually granted Lend-Lease kaking Russia after Hitler had invaded that country, and before the United States entered the war. Having thousands of nuclear weapons available, at an eventual total cost to the United States alone of four trillion dollars, only caused the possibility of world destruction while contributing nothing to our ability to enhance the outcome of the wars we have fought since World War II.

Rhodes seems to argue that the fear and paranoia over the beginning of the Cold War caused the scales of military policy to tip in favor of the war hawks who brought on the greatest arms race in history.

Cases, Metrics, Tools H. There is speculation that Soviet scientific analysis of fallout from U. Not quite as engaging for me as his previous volume about the Manhattan Project–Rhodes bounces from the Soviet atomic espionage programs to the post-war research environment to eventually the development of the hydrogen bomb, and all the threads od entirely come together.


At times it all seems like ideas that were dropped from the script from “Dr. So I’m going to stop and move on to something more immediately useful. It only has one reasonably ghe section at all, a lucid and clear description of X-ray ablation and pusher recoil as it pertained to the Ivy Mike weapon. Recommended for lovers of history, science history and political science. I don’t really mean to editorialize in a review, but MAN did I ever get sick of Edward Teller and his cohorts after a while.

In the early s the collaboration between Edward Teller and the mathematician Stanislaw Ulam lead to a workable design for a multi-megaton hydrogen bomb.

The secret materials were obtained in the United States through agents of the intelligence apparatus established by Lavrenti Beria, the head of Stalin’s Secret Police. I had not realized until I read this book how much the Russians were taking advantage of this situation.

Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb

However, you’ll noti After recently reading Hiroshima Nagasaki, I found myself curious about how the hydrogen bomb was developed and tested. Hydrogen bombs can be made much more powerful than a fission only bomb. Strangelove” and you think or perhaps merely hope that it couldn’t possibly have really been that way, but the book is so authoritative that it’s hard to maintain disbelief.

Open Preview See a Problem?

Having read two hefty, authoritative, and comprehensive books on atomic and thermonuclear weapons dar a row, I think I’m going to look for something lighter in my next book – “Hello Kitty”, possibly. Rhodes paints a picture of this immediate post-World War II period as hydroegn time when history could have taken different directions and ended up with different outcomes; he makes it clear that the way things actually happened, involving decades of nuclear arms race, were not the optimum result.

Rhodes writing style is all over the place.