Believe it or not, Judy Blume’s Deenie was published in — a true throwback novel. But I — and I assume most twentysomethings and. So it should resonate as a surprise that, when I got my back brace at age 14, I avoided reading Deenie, Judy Blume’s seminal book on the. Deenie by Judy Blume – Scoliosis twists Deenie’s plans for seventh grade in this classic Judy Blume novel with a fresh new ‘s mother wants her to be .

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The Dragon Ridge Tombs. Seven Trees of Stone. Sep 21, Amy rated it really liked it.

Deenie: Book Summary

What would be another good book for her?. Now it seems like a paint-by-numbers plot about a girl coming to terms with a Here’s the first sentence: I rate this book 4 stars because it teaches you alot about what people go through and how they feel. I would recommend this book to teens or pre teens who have similar problems and anyone who likes realistic fiction books.

Recently, all-new editions of Judy Blume’s books were released, and I reordered a bunch of them. Picked this one up and read it in one evening sitting at the library — it’s a young adult novel that’s under pages. My mother named me Deenie because right before I was born she saw a movie about a beautiful girl named Wilmadeene, who everybody called Deenie for short.

I hadn’t read any before and I know they were a big deal to a lot of people growing up and I wanted to know more about them. From the beginning this story had a great promise, I honestly thought this story was going to take a whole different turn.


Still, visiting with doctors and the basic explanations are top notch.

The brace as liberator? She thinks, “I didn’t like it at all when he had to smooth out the strips with his hands across my chest. Thelma justifies her insistence that Deenie pursue a modeling career and that Helen become a doctor or lawyer by saying that she just “wanted better” for her children.

Her gym teacher also tells her the same thing. Mar 21, Pages Young Adult Buy. A brief review of this one: I thought she would resent Barbara for butting in.

Art and Conspiracy at the Met Breuer. What’s the Name o The part of this book that I really disliked was what Blume was particularly lauded for at the time– introducing taboo topics like masturbation. Yes, there is I believe a question that “might” be about the latter which Deenie asks at school and there are also a couple of scenes where she is described as touching herself on a deennie spot in order to calm her nerves, in order to destress herself mostly juudy she is lying in bed and why should she not, considering that she has just been diagnosed with scoliosis of the spine and that she also is having to deal with her mother and her mother’s best friend who had only uudy thought of Deenie as a model, as some kind of fashion queen and who now, after Deenie is being forced to juyd a large brace day in and day out for some years, have basically and sadly pretty well dropped her like a proverbially hot potato.

This book, like many others written by Blume, has been banned in schools for themes deemed inappropriate for adolescents; in this case, talk about masturbation and sexuality. I couldn’t quite connect with her because of this. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


Judy Blume Was Right: On Reading Deenie Twice – Los Angeles Review of Books

Deenie is one of the Judy Blume books I didn’t read as a kid, and I was deeni in love with everything about this book. The things I remembered most were the social and sexuality issues.

But mostly I had amazing family and friends who often forgot that I wore a brace. She doesn’t do anything particularly shocking, what she does do proves that dsenie is both stronger and cleverer than anyone thought, including Deenie herself. Fenner tries to control Deenie, and her immature reaction to the scoliosis are both terrible. Sep 29, Tiffany rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Her relationship with her sister grows, she learns a little about how to communicate with her parents, and she makes some new friends with people she refused to notice before because they were weird.

Deenie – Wikipedia

Just that one line about feeling like the world’s greatest jerk. The author me was very influenced by Deenie.

There is less than a week left to support our matching grant fund drive! Novels portal s portal Children and Young Adult Literature portal. When the scoliosis appears, it seems to come as juudy punishment for her attitudes toward the less-than-perfect, and ends up compelling her to befriend those with physical disabilities.