Read Durbar book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on Tavleen Singh is a well-known journalist in the Indian political scene. 6 Dec So when Tavleen Singh, an old timer, decided to reload it for us in her new book Durbar, it promised to be compelling vintage. It’s an easy read. Its like anybody else. There are certain things that catch your eye and stay with you for long. Also possibly, what is lacking now amongst most of us, but was a.

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Nov 03, Sairam Krishnan rated it really liked it. The real anger seems to be towards Sonia Gandhi whom Ms. The book takes a systematic look at all the epochal events during t This is a memoir of the life of Tavleen Singh, focussing durbar tavleen singh singg experience she had during her journalistic career covering political events in New Delhi as well as other parts of India.

Her self-aggrandizing is also grating durbar tavleen singh she lets us know several times that M. Sep 28, Savi rated it really liked it. They are not in any particular order, but they go from the big to the small. She also offers a brief glimpse into a woman who is aware, and remarkable at feeling the winds of political change in India. One odd thing that stood out though was even as the durbar tavleen singh repeatedly talks about the cucooned and isolated ruling class making decisions and having views of things they are not necessarily in touch with,I found it strange in which a mainly Hindi belt political reporter passes of her expert comments on the LTTE issue with just a single visit tsvleen durbar tavleen singh Island nation.


And this is does in full measures and at every durbar tavleen singh. I mention this to underline the insulation that we young people have from politics today. The book often launches into diatribes, criticizing Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi for the pettiest of reasons, ignoring the several valid,intelligent, political reasons to criticize them.

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Durbar tavleen singh reviews that mention gandhi india tavleen rajiv politics indian singh political events emergency indira account sonia country dynasty delhi journalist assassination view personal. Incidentally, her own personal story is very interesting especially her relation with irresistible suave Mr. For people like me who were born after the Khalistan movement, it’s durbar tavleen singh to believe that P Durbar is a personal account of journalist Tavleen Singh talking specifically about the years when Rajiv Gandhi was anointed as the Prime Minister of India.

The crumbling of Rajiv’s tenure was entertaining but superficial, it being seen from the bitterness of a friendship gone sour. The shadows cast by these events have been long and dark, and the author feels that the “possibility of an Indian renaissance Punjab militancy and events before and after Bhindarwale are best covered in this book.

Review: “Durbar” By Tavleen Singh – The Reader

Our home was located stone throw away from Turkman Gate where a lot of action happened at Sanjay Gandhi’s behest. Mar 01, Agnivo Niyogi rated it really liked it.

A few seamy activities have been highlighted. Her account isn’t a personal durbar tavleen singh or theoretical conception but a memoir replete with facts. Within five weeks, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared durbar tavleen singh Emergency, suspending fundamental rights and imposing press censorship, and soon reckless policies said to be authored by the prime minister’s younger son were unleashed on India’s citizens.

At the same time, Tavleen Singh also signifies certain disenchantment with the Opposition parties. See our Returns Policy.


Review: “Durbar” By Tavleen Singh

On that count Durbar is not book to be trusted. Never miss a story from The Readerwhen you sign up for Medium.

I don’t want durbar tavleen singh give away too much but in the book the author recounts a particularly close call she had with a certain bad person in a very dangerous situation which gave me goosebumps just reading it.

Published 8 months ago. Read the full review on my blog.

I’m a millennial, born inyears after the events of the book a history lesson we desperately need; one of India’s documented, much commented upon idiosyncrasies is its total blindness to its rich cultural and political history.

I had come to know about this durbar tavleen singh when I durbar tavleen singh an interview of Ms Tavleen Singh on durbar tavleen singh youtube channel. Never the less, personally I wish that she had continued the memoirs till at least near the date of publication Jan 03, Bhuwan Chand rated it it was amazing Shelves: Some of the issues I had with the narrative was the author’s own elitist nature, while detailing India’s problems and blaming them on the unwashed masses and the elites of the country.

A reflection of how Tavleen Singh got her press credentials, and how her family background helped her move about the highest echelons of government and politics is fascinating and makes one realise the concept of entitlement in India. But generations and generations of politicians have made promises and failed to deliver.