8 Oct braking, pursuant to Regulation No. Annex 2 – Appendix 1 – List of vehicle data for the purpose of Regulation No. 90 approvals. E/ECE/ vehicle regulations not only to lift up our people’s safety and environmental . harmonization and the mutual recognition of approvals on UN/ECE/RH. Consultation on proposed amendments to braking regulations 71//EEC or UN/ECE Regulations 13 or 13H (collectively the “braking regulations”). The.

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The brake actuator pressure shall not exceed kPa, and regulatjons brake input torque C shall ece r13 regulations exceed the maximum permissible brake input torque C. For the purposes of the following provisions electrical braking systems are service braking systems consisting of a control device, an electromechanical transmission device, and friction brakes.

The energy necessary to compress the spring in order to release the brake is supplied and controlled by the “control” actuated by the driver see definition in Paragraph 2. This may be provided by a labelled block diagram or other schematic, or by a description aided by such a diagram.

The 04 series of amendments for vehicles with a coupling system for charging the rechargeable energy ece r13 regulations system traction batteries.

In hydraulic-transmission braking systems, the filling ports of the fluid reservoirs shall be readily accessible; in addition, the receptacles containing the reserve fluid shall be so designed and constructed that the level of the reserve fluid can be easily checked without the receptacles having to be opened. The stopping distance shall be the distance covered by the vehicle ece r13 regulations the moment when the driver begins to actuate the control of the braking system until the moment when the vehicle stops; the initial speed shall ece r13 regulations the speed at the moment when the driver begins to actuate the control of the braking system; the initial speed shall not be less than 98 per cent of the prescribed speed for the ede in question.


Brake linings for power-driven vehicles of Category M except for those vehicles required to undergo a Type-IIA test according to Paragraph 1. Zero lateral velocity at the BOS point.

EUR-Lex – X(01) – EN – EUR-Lex

The effectiveness of the linkage between the control of the service braking system and the different components of the transmission systems shall not be liable to diminish after a certain period of use. Inventory of Components A list shall be provided, collating all the units of “The System” and mentioning the other vehicle systems which are needed to achieve the control function in question. Ece r13 regulations where provision is made for several possibilities of load distribution, the one whereby the front axle is the most heavily laden shall be the one considered.

On vehicles to which the coupling of a trailer is authorised, the parking braking system of the motor vehicle shall be capable of holding the combination of vehicles ece r13 regulations on a 12 per ece r13 regulations up or down gradient.

Hot performance of service braking systems determined according to the test defined in Paragraph 3. Characteristics of braking systems 5.

Torque wheel test procedure.

However, the requirements of Paragraph 1. Tractors for Semi-trailers 3. The operation of the electric regenerative braking shall not be adversely affected by magnetic or electric fields. The latter type shall be ece r13 regulations only for centre-axle trailers.

Effective useful travel of control in millimetres, determined as required by Paragraph ece r13 regulations Anti-aliasing filters shall be of order 4 or higher and the relevant data range f max shall be 0 Hz to 30 Hz. However, if the relative positions of the adhesion utilisation curves do not meet the requirements of paragraph 3. The vehicle concerned is a trailer equipped with air operated S-cam or disc brakes which satisfies the verification requirements of Appendix 2 ece r13 regulations this Annex relative to the control of characteristics compared to the characteristics given in a report of a reference axle test as shown in Appendix 3 to this Annex.


In the event of a failure in the energy source, whilst the vehicle is stationary and the parking braking system applied, the energy in the reservoir shall be sufficient to actuate the lights even when the brakes are applied.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Where the braking power is derived from or assisted by a source of energy independent of the driver, the reserve of energy in the system is likewise part regulatiojs the transmission. For power-driven vehicles which can be operated with trailers connected ece r13 regulations an electric control line only: This Paragraph shall not apply to power-driven vehicles which regulationw be operated with trailers connected via ece r13 regulations electric control line only, as described in Paragraph 5.

The energy sources shall meet ece r13 regulations requirements set ece r13 regulations in the following paragraphs. Identification of tested axle: Reaction time at the brake actuator At the beginning of each test, the pressure in the energy storage device shall be regulatilns to the pressure at which the governor restores the regulaations to the system.

The vehicle is in a four-wheel drive configuration which has the effect of locking the drive gears at the front and rear axles together and providing an additional gear reduction between the engine speed and vehicle speed of at least 1,6, selected by the driver for low-speed, off-road driving; or.

Utilising linear regression, A is calculated, to the nearest 0,1 degrees, from each of the six slowly increasing steer tests. In the case of a towing vehicle equipped with two control lines according to Paragraph 5.