Fansadox – The Hotel · Journey to the iconic future where women have been stripped of all rights and turned into. The year Oct 16, Fansadox Collection The Hotel Erenisch. Erenisch fansadox – Not worthy of my sweet little bride, both my hands would easily fit in here.

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No fansaxox toons were harmed in the making of this comic. P aul begins their honeymoon by locking his new wife in the trunk of a car and taking her to a luxury Hotel. PDF in a CD.

They are also used as objects for the hotel guests. After a year of constant abuse, Sherry is exhausted and terrified. It shows no real people or tansadox.

The hotel is staffed by slavegirls who exist solely to please the customers. Paul thinks he can make any girl submit to him completely and he enjoys trying to break Sherry and forcing her to accept her new role as his slave-wife. She is confused and frightened.


Fansadox – Erenisch – The Hotel | Sex Comics

This is an entirely fictional work based on cartoon characters for adult entertainment. Sherry endured an entire year of abuse and degradation, but she always clung to the hope that she might somehow be free again. S herry Potts’ life has taken a turn for the worse. Many countries have passed the ‘Compulsory Female Slavery Law’ and legalized the sexual-use and trade of nubile women over 18 years of age.

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Download it for free by clicking here! There is no way out for Sherry, Paul has complete control over her entire life. When a girl reaches slavery age, she can be bought and sold, hired and whored, and used in every imaginable way The PDF electronic version contains the same images and text as the paperback edition if a paperback exists.

There is no escape for the young women of the future, nowhere they can hide from their fate as toys in the hands of men. What if she breaks and becomes his complete slave?


Fansadox – Erenisch – The Hotel adult comics – Cartoon Porn Comics

Now, without any more delusions about freedom, Sherry embarks on a new journey as a young wife You’ll have instant access to your files just after the credit card transaction is approved. Their bodies are turned into mattresses, decoration and used for fansaadox disgusting task by the rich men who can afford luxury slaves.

Sherry is a defiant girl and is determined to never lose her brave spirit.

The best a girl can hope for, is to find a master who is less cruel than the alternatives. T he year