HKS Website: Turbo, Supercharger, Suspension(HIPERMAX), Intake, Electronics (VAC, EVC, Flash Editor, DMR, etc.), Engine, Oil, Power train, Brake, and many. Index of /Manuals/HKS EVC HKS EVC IV · HKS EVC IV · HKS EVC V · HKS EVC V Set · HKS EVC VI 12 Jan Does anybody have an electronic copy of the EVC VI manual? There is none at HKS website and all i got is this japanese manual

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This should be the amount of boost that you are trying to run. Find All Thanked Posts. Once you have the amount dialed in, push the round button in to enter the setting Step 4: It hks evc 6 manual like you’re enjoying Egc. Reset directions are found on the bottom of page 42 in the HKS manual.

You can turn the knob to increase of decrease the amount until it reads what you have determined as the stable manjal PSI boost pressure. If the desired boost pressure is achieved.

Index of /Manuals/HKS EVC

Have a friend hks evc 6 manual the display or boost gauge thru the WOT pull. The only way to get to this screen again is to reset the unit. Repeat WOT pull, and make adjustments as necessary.

Monitor the boost on the display and try to find the PSI amount that the car runs on average. Why not take a minute to register for your own account now? For this example, we will assume this will be set to RPM or 75 on the display.

In other words, the boost controller is all the way maxed out and it cannot control the boost pressure any higher at that RPM. Push the round button to accept the numbers and then push the lower button 3 times to return to the main screen for monitoring. Sep 26, Staring from the monitoring normal manula. Push the lower hks evc 6 manual 2 times.



Then you push the button and accept the default coefficient of percent. Repeat this procedure until all RPM Offsets are entered. Please use M in the Mitsubishi section. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. You have to hks evc 6 manual the car in a 3rd gear pull from 3k rpm up to 7k rpm. Setting the target boost. Push the round button to accept the values. Oct 15, If you mess up, you have to reset the unit, to do the initial setup again.

Typical setup on an Evo varies from 19 psi to 22 psi. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Note Only the RPM wire hks evc 6 manual to be bks up to reduce the boost taper. Note any RPM ranges where boost pressure varies from desired boost pressure, Set boost pressure screen.

HKS EVC 6 Manual | | [qr]GaraGe

Step 3 is an important one to get right, but very easy to do. This hks evc 6 manual the initial setup of the unit. Oct 20, You will need to adjust the 5th or highest RPM point first. Push mxnual upper button again to toggle back to the RPM set mode. These adjustments are only made one time when powering the unit up.

HKS EVC 6 Manual

Push the round button to accept new offset value, and then push the hks evc 6 manual button 3 times to return to the main screen for monitoring. From the point where you accepted the values above. Push the upper button to adjust the RPM set point. Most of the time on Evos, this is usual set to percent, but some cars need to have some adjustment 95 to are sometimes found. You will have the ablity to offer your own items for sale to the World’s hks evc 6 manual Mitsubishi Evolution and Lancer community via the marketplace after being registered just 15 days and made 15 posts!


The Offset value for this RPM point should be hks evc 6 manual in lower portion of the display. For Evolutions, the diagram on page 17 should be followed. DO NOT push the button in until you make several runs and are happy that the boost goes to the desired boost pressure.

Push the round button once you have entered you desired boost pressure. If you reach an offset value of on any of the values and still unable to eliminate the hks evc 6 manual taper at that RPM range, then the hks evc 6 manual has reached its max flow capability at that RPM and cannot support anymore boost pressure at that RPM than it is currently making. As a member you get free access to all of our forums and posts plus the ability to post your own messages, communicate directly with other members and much more.

Turn this value to the Offset value as specified in the initial guess chart below. If boost still tapers in certain RPM ranges.

Thanked 9 Times in 9 Posts. But adjust this until you reach the desired pressure and then push the round button it. Quote message in reply? Push the upper button again to toggle back to Offset set mode. The EVC will show the peak and hold boost pressure hks evc 6 manual the top right of the display. Repeat the below hks evc 6 manual until all RPM points 1 thru 5 are set.