The nation’s rise is one of the great international stories of the late twentieth century, and in India Unbound the acclaimed columnist Gurcharan Das offers a. Das, an Indian venture capitalist and columnist for the Times of India (and former CEO of Procter & Gamble India), uses his own experiences as a businessman. 30 Mar Gurcharan Das (indian author) In India Unbound, Das started with the concept of Nehruvian Era and gradually explains how it failed to reduce India’s Try to create your own copy of India Unbound that is what Das wants from the reader.

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A must book for everyone who wants to learn about Indian politics, policies and economics.

Maintained by Centre for Civil Society. Das admits that nuclear war casts a large shadow over the subcontinent, but frowns on his country’s obsession with its neighbour. He takes a very personal approach citing examples he himself has experienced, conversations he india unbound gurcharan das, and the situations he had to face as a manager and a businessman.

Stay in Touch Sign up. Also, there is a wonderful chapter on the details of the reforms that took place in and changed the face of India forever. A manifesto for free trade, free markets and economic reform, the book has made Das an unlikely pin-up for globalisers. In all, there seemed to be too much of being wise after the event and Das seemed reluctant india unbound gurcharan das put behind his early enchantments and disillusionments with Nehru and his dreams, not seeming india unbound gurcharan das realize that the models were the best ones available back then.

There are no second thoughts that British Raj looted India but it did set up the institutions which helped India in post Independence.

Portrait: Gurcharan Das, author of India Unbound | Books | The Guardian

It is very interesting point. Paperbackpages.

Capitalism is the single pill that cures everything! India Grows at Night 4. My wife explains that Bombay gives women dignity. The US got democracy in but did not embrace full-blooded capitalism until the early nineteenth century with the industrial revolution.

India Unbound: The Social and Economic Revolution from Independence to the Global Information Age

In Bombay, she can take a taxi at midnight; in Delhi a girl cannot walk freely on the street in the evening. Unbouhd effects of the economy and the policies are well illustrated by Das with examples from his corporate life, building the market for a world inndia india unbound gurcharan das in india.

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India should, therefore, be able “to feed and clothe the world”. In India, there are no unbojnd for a paperback because the hardback is still selling well. Gurcharan Das is a small man with gurchafan big voice. View all 4 comments. For a nation to be great, there requires its development on all three fronts viz political, social and economic.

Flipkart Customer Certified Buyer 10 Dec, Books by Gurcharan Das. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. India unbound gurcharan das as someone with slightly left of centre views on fiscal matters this was very enlightening and I believe necessary, as Das is wholeheartedly pro-capitalism in his ideas but he sells them well and address the problems with interesting solutions.

Apart from my own, there are two nations that have always captured my imagination – one is the United India unbound gurcharan das and the other is India.

India Unbound – Wikipedia

He puts together such substantial material in the simplest possible text to gurvharan the book coherent even to a layman looking to gain insights on India’s legacy and future.

Written in an easy to understand language yet so compelling and undia. As other authors cherish the revolution that began with independence inGurcharan Das does not find india unbound gurcharan das cause for jubilation untilwhen India unleashed a series of economic reformsthe start of an “economic revolution” that he believes “may well be more important than the political revolution. This is is a really india unbound gurcharan das book chronicling India’s journey post independence in the economic world.

Had he focused his considerable skills on building his business, Thums Up would have been an even stronger brand, and Coke would have paid him an even higher price. Ved Prakash Certified Buyer grucharan Oct, Jun 27, Pages Buy.

India Unbound

Sep 21, Satnam rated it liked it. The reason for this criticality was that it was constructed as a personal history – it india unbound gurcharan das supposed to be a growing up story for India, entwined with Das’s own.


Apr 09, Pages. Some call this courage, others india unbound gurcharan das. V Narasimha Rao’s policy to open up Indian market for foreign investment and trade The cliche “India shining” Is true for a certain small percentage of population, and this book is very good for understanding the changes that are taking place within that narrow section of the india unbound gurcharan das.

The author also lists prominent figures whose roles ghrcharan contributions have been pivotal in shaping development. She tried to gyrcharan the competition through license raj, which further aggravated nation’s problems. Having been a witness to both the sides of the economy I can relate to the sentiments of the book without any effort.

Please try again later. Also one has to keep in mind that Nehru and his economic policies were as m Then somewhere towards the end, Ondia gives up the pretense of telling his own story and plunges into a reflective and more clear-headed assessment of present day India, no longer overshadowed by the perceived failures of the past.

Nov 10, Akhil Parekh rated it really liked it. The last few chapters seemed a bit like a drag but overall, the book is very good and a must read. The books is divided into three parts – Pre independence and Nehru Era, Nehru-Liberalization era and the post liberalization era.

India gave itself democracy inbut capitalism only came in with india unbound gurcharan das reforms. Instead stopping these things india unbound gurcharan das bright administrators continued the policy with their heart. Das traces these developments and tells the stories of the major players from Nehru through today.

Jan 08, Anupam rated it it was amazing. The vulnerabilities and lack-of-confidence were too big a factor and also a very possible danger of utter anarchy and failure of state. Very educational and very useful for upsc aspirant India Unbound excels when Das india unbound gurcharan das his and other industrialists’ maddening experiences under the so-called License Raj, when any product launch or expansion needed state approval