Read Sweetwater customer reviews for JBL JRX Rated / 5 by 7 customers!. Get the guaranteed best price on Unpowered PA Speakers like the JBL JRX Dual 15″ 2-Way Speaker Cabinet Pair at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price and. Get the guaranteed best price on Unpowered PA Speakers like the JBL JRX Dual 15″ 2-Way Speaker Cabinet at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price and free.

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I use this setup for DJ’ing for backyard parties, wedding’s, sweet 16’s, quincenera’s, fund jbl jrx125, company party’s and everything else in between and nothing but compliments about my setup.

These speakers sound amazing for the price.

They sound better than the celestions speakers in my w Marshall head using a 4 x 12 cab. I was concentrating mainly on jbl jrx125 kick sound and how it would handle and reproduce that at loud levels.

The tweeters are prone to blowing out; they overheat quickly. The lows jx125 this guy are awesome! Low and high frequency I bought these speakers specifically so i could go from small venues to medium venues as well as band room PA of course without having to upgrade any jbl jrx125 soon.

The sound was great and there was shortage of power! Bottom speaker is a subwoofer. Every review I have read over jbl jrx125 I agreed to see jbl jrx125 from owners of these speakers except 1 was very positive.

JBL JRX JRX 15″ 2 Way PA Speaker | eBay

Shop for Jbl jrx125 Open in the Guitar Center app. Sound quality is excellent. Seem very well made but needs jbl jrx125, corners, and handles Value: Tough and rugged, nice jbl jrx125 exterior, nice side handles. Local pick up only! They reproduce every character of sound! It’s still really good. There is NO other speaker that I know of on the market where you jbl jrx125 get more dang for your buck. Well worth the retail price, but shop around and get the best deal!


I like that, especially considereing I’ll be that drunk guy most likely! Tell you what, walk into a store that carries them, ask them to demonstrate and compare them to other top brand speakers, even more expensive speakers, they will because they want to seel them. Im going on 4 years with these puppies and they sound just as good when I first bought them. So with that being said, I ordered an additional crown xti looking to bridge each amp to each speaker pushing watts to each speaker instead of watts max to each.

The overall sound of the JRX is great but not excellent. Amplifier Power to W into 8 O. These things are versatile. These Speaker Kick Ass!!!!! No second trip jbl jrx125 for things that were forgotten. Your vote has been counted.

Only in very large venues is this needed. They look like weapons and can urt people if used improperly. These speakers jgx125 very clean and crisp sound. Even though the s lost the battle of the highs they were much more than acceptable for use as a mobile DJ. The second night there was a wedding reception happening jdx125 the bar we were working.

He fixed me all up and when I got home Jbl jrx125 had everything I needed to hook it all jbl jrx125.

I will probably use these speakers until they jbl jrx125 out. Very Well Worth the Price. They sound like eggs sizzling instead of clean crips highs.


JBL JRX 125 JRX125 15″ 2 Way PA Speaker

In most applications there is no need to use bass bottoms. I’ve own 2 of these for about 3 years and JBL keeps making jbl jrx125 for a reason. Could you briefly tell us why the review was or was not helpful? How about lifting 70 pounds 5′ high to get them on a tripod, then lifting them off after the gig?

Nice PRO look and doesn’t look cheap. After owning these speakers i guarantee i jbl jrx125 only buy JBL’s in the future, they are definitely the best audio hands down. I very good value, power and detail, strength and jbl jrx125. You can leave the subwoofer s at home because they jbl jrx125 out tons of bass. I was jbl jrx125 at the sound. I dont see myself replacing this unit just because its size and power handling! They are a bit on the heavy side, but you save time and simplify your setup time with these especially if you play on stages.

I’d say that these, under normal use, are near indestructible.

With a little equalization to tame the midrange and sibilance of jbl jrx125 high end, and a jbl jrx125 to the lower end, there speakers sounded awesome. Again they passed with flying colors. I lit these suckers up tonight jb the whole house is shaking, won’t be long and the cops will probablly be here. These cabs get unbearably loud.