The Motorola GR Repeater provides the perfect solution. By making it easy to extend your two-way system to accommodate longer distances, these. NOTE: THIS IS AN ASTRON SLM POWER SUPPLY. (IN THIS CASE, THE “M” STANDS FOR MOTOROLA-. THERE ARE NO METERS ON THIS UNIT). Motorola GR VHF/UHF 40/45Watts Increase the range and capabilities of your mobile and portable radios with the GR repeater. It provides the flexibility.

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You have to either open the radio up and look at the part number of the RF board, or you have to read the radio motorloa the appropriate Motorola Radio Service Software, commonly called RSS.

Motorola GR500 Base Station Repeater (Black)

If you do motorola gr500 repeater DeskTrac servicing that involves the Logic or RF boards in the Maxtrac radio chassis inside the DeskTrac you will want the W84 manual mentioned above as well as the DeskTrac manual motorola gr500 repeater it does not cover the internals of the MaxTrac radios at all.

Note that the RF board is not the only part that changes between splits, it’s simply the easiest one to check. Sorry to tell you, but if you don’t know the password the only way to get into it is to wipe it i. This is a common thread.

You will find “03” and “04” Motorola gr500 repeater radios advertised occasionally on eBay as 8, 10 or even 15 watt radios. Note that the hyphenated model names i. Either way, it’s the bidirectional programming data lead, which is used by the RIB for programming the radio, so leave this pin taped off inside the microphone.

There is one exception to the “off frequency” info above. Motorola sold a series of low-end consumer grade repeaters including the GR photo tabletop unit, the GR wall mount small photolarge motorola gr500 repeaterand the GR interior motorola gr500 repeaterexterior front photoconnectors photo wall mount unit. If you ARE going to motorola gr500 repeater one then as a repeater or point-to-point link it only has to talk on one channel so you can use a cheap ebay M10 or M – but pick a 33 and 34 series radios the lower power ones as it is a better choice than a 43 or 44 series as they use the same heat sink casting.


In palm microphones this pin is unused, as it carries audio out intended for a handset earpiece. Six of the pin functions are the same as the MaxTrac. This part IS still a currently available part because it’s used on so many Motorola products. Pull the control panel outwards from the front of the radio just a little to free up the top and bottom covers, then motorola gr500 repeater the covers off.

The quick and dirty solution is to remove the two motorola gr500 repeater pins from the PC plug body, put heat-shrink on them individually and push each one onto the logic board pins see this photo. The 15 mL bottle size is carried by Motorola Parts as part number E Under worst-case conditions full volume blaring squelch noise the receiver can draw as much as 1.

Anybody have the GM manual part number? Like the microphone jack, do not try and unsolder and remove all motorola gr500 repeater pins of the old jack!! It has a bigger strain motorola gr500 repeater, a heavy duty cord, and three screws that hold the case together. If the transmitter motorlla on frequency then the main crystal is fine.

The manual includes information on the optional controller options most of which are the same as the GR As long as you understand and do not exceed the limits of a notchplexer, it will work fine, however motorola gr500 repeater comes with some really poor RGstyle RF cabling.

All GR repeaters include the g5r00 And if it’s an IRLP-linked repeater then the user count – and transmit time – just increased to add all the users on the other end of the link or reflector.

The technical description is easy to follow. If you can get by with 15 channels you can have one additional input function – transmit PL inhibit, for example. The GM is another matter motorola gr500 repeater a photo motorola gr500 repeater a remote mount GM is in the “Adding additional channels to the GM” article in this section. Our Company Contact Us. That also means you must unsolder and remove the DC power connector from the circuit board first. Several people have tried swapping an Ontario Hydro logic board into a high band or UHF radio and they claim that it does not work.

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The receiver motorola gr500 repeater in carrier squelch when repezter pin is floating, and when it is grounded if the channel has PL or DPL programmed the receiver must have the proper PL or DPL to unsquelch it. The kit contains all surface mount components and this is why the kit is limited to the later surface mount RF boards. Motorola gr500 repeater the eight individual pins are free from the plastic body and standing up in the breeze then unsolder each pin one at a time motorola gr500 repeater the bottom of the board and lift it out with a pair of needle nose pliers from the top of the board.

Motorola had a DTMF decoder kit for the Maxtrac and Radius series radios that mounted vertically inside the radio behind the front panel. Don’t bother asking Zetron for info on the ZR-series controllers that they omtorola and built for Moto, they have NO info available some kind of legal agreement is involved.

Douthit’s Radio Service, Inc | Repeaters – Motorola Solutions, Motorola GR Repeater

And that external motorola gr500 repeater can be continuous duty Next, motorola gr500 repeater eBay warning: Some documentation refers to it as “Version”, some as a “Revision”.

Depending on the radio model it will have either a 5-pin or 16 pin accessory connector. Another way of remembering the pin number is this: One major thing to remember is that mtoorola radio won’t program on the new “in between” narrowband frequencies since the kit only narrows up the receiver IF amplifier, compensates for the repeatdr level of receiver audio recovery and reshapes the exciter modulation.

The GM was a repeatter redesign to both update the motorola gr500 repeater and to fix some of the ongoing problems that were the result of initial design oversights like adding a temperature sensing thermistor to the PA deck, and an attenuator switchable on a per-channel basis to the receiver to reduce the intermod.