In this book, philosopher Paul Brunton () encounters the mysteries and magic of Egypt in the s, including an eerie yet illuminating night spent. 22 Jan Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Paul : ioned. 19 Apr It is an honor for me and for my whole generation to be present for agriculture similar to the first tree of the digital knowledge. MOHAMED ABD.

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Published March 23rd by Larson Publications first published October He talks about the overwhelming sense of dread and fear that encroached upon him, managing to overcome that, and being rewarded by pqul visited by ancient Egyptian spirit entities to teach and reveal some of the truth.

Mandy Lai rated it liked it Jun 25, In preparation for this daunting event, he fasted for three days alongside an intensive period of meditation. I do not like to use the word ‘trance’ in their case because it gives the wrong impression, but I know no other word which can fitly be employed. Sidha Sambandan rated paul brunton a search in secret egypt it was amazing Seacrh 18, Celine Rosenkind rated it it secre amazing Jun 22, A fakir, a snake charmer, a hypnotist to name but a few.

The latter fall into a total unconscious state during their burial, and remember nothing until they awaken again — unless the are adepts, in which case they could never be persuaded to give a public demonstration of their powers.

Sep 30, Justin Green rated it really liked it. A Search in Secret Egypt 4.

A Search In Secret Egypt

A journalist travels through Egypt and Asia, seeking paranormal experiences. By that I mean that their bodies cannot be swarch – not even by any insect or parasite — such is the tremendous radiation of their spiritual forces. Sammi rated it paul brunton a search in secret egypt was amazing Aug 14, Every such tomb which has been unsealed lets out, like a flood, a rush of pent-up noxious evil spirit-entities upon our physical world.


Interesting enough, if you are interested in the topic, but I personally never finished it. And beyond that i material paul brunton a search in secret egypt within is pretty captivating fare.

It is a matter that affects the safety of the whole world. He left a journalistic career to live among yogis, mystics, and holy men, and studied a wide variety of Eastern and Western esoteric teachings. I won this book in a goodreads drawing. Most of the world thinks of the ancient as backward, which, when you read such books and other archaeological discoveries, tells you that’s just a perception.

In almost every case, before such a man passed out at death, he arranged for and had his tomb prepared whilst he was alive. The second meeting duly took place in the ruined temple of Luxor.

Return paul brunton a search in secret egypt Book Page. It was during a reference to some experiences of mine in India, where I had met a young yogi who claimed that his Master was more than four hundred btunton old, that Ra-Mak-Hotep gravely announced the startling and incredible information that some Adepts who had lived and moved in ancient Egypt were still alive! I shall not quickly forget the exclamations of astonishment with which I greeted his statement. They know what is going bruntom in the entire bruntonn, despite the fact that their bodies are interred.

For in the dark period which later descended on Egypt, when it bruntln bereft of true spiritual light and when the hell-forces of the nether world were evoked by those with much knowledge but little compassion, the instructed men of the priestly and ruling classes caused their own bodies to be embalmed. Up to certain point, The Egyptian Adepts are in a similar state, but their knowledge is far more profound, and they have kept paul brunton a search in secret egypt bodies entranced, yet alive, for thousands of years.

Each mummy that is taken out of such a tomb and transported to your European and American museums, carries with it the etheric link with those entities, and hence their awful influence.


A search in secret Egypt,

With his entire life dedicated to the spiritual quest, Brunton felt charged with the task of communicating his knowledge and experiences in layperson’s terms. It’s difficult to tag a label onto Paul Brunton, he’s kind of an anythingarian in the spiritual field.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. My note-book was prepared and, with pen poised expectantly, I was ready to take down his message; to inscribe on the white sheets the less picturesque characters of our twentieth-century system of hieroglyphs-shorthand!

Be the first to ask a question about Burnton Search in Secret Egypt. Part of the ritual of awakening consist in chanting certain secret ‘Words of Power’. Open Preview See a Problem?

Craig Ij rated it it was amazing Jan 09, This book is not yet featured on Listopia. We who hold the spiritual welfare of mankind at heart, battle against these dark forces on their own levels, yet we are not permitted by Srcret laws to destroy them any more than we are permitted to destroy living men whom we know to be potent paul brunton a search in secret egypt to their fellow beings.

Such a man functions in the inner realms of being, or even on the physical realm by using his etheric body.

A Search in Secret Egypt

In the repose of the latter there is really much activity; they are not really in trance states, as the world understands that word. He sleeps in the Great Pyramid. Florina rated it liked it Sep 05, Those powers were often exceedingly evil, menacing and destructive.