Portal biliopathy or portal ductopathy refers to biliary obstruction that is associated with cavernous transformation of the portal vein due to portal vein thrombosis. OBJECTIVE. The purpose of our study was to evaluate the MRI features of portal biliopathy. CONCLUSION. MR cholangiography coupled with dynamic 3D. 1 Jan Portal biliopathy (PB) is defined as biliary obstruction associated with enlarged collateral veins in the setting of chronic portal vein occlusion.

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Role of endoscopic ultrasound EUS in the diagnosis of portal biliopathy is portal biliopathy 44 – 47 ]. Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography; EPT: Chaudhary et al[ 53 ], A report of 3 cases.

Published online Dec 7. Non-cirrhotic portal fibrosis; LFT: Tighe M, Jacobson I. TIPS, though effective portal biliopathy portal decompression has issues of wider accessibility and high occlusion rate at one year[ 64 ].

Conclusion Cavernous transformation of the portal vein due to extrahepatic portal vein obstruction is not infrequent but biliary obstruction in association with this disorder is distinctly uncommon. The differential diagnoses on cholangiography include sclerosing cholangitis, recurrent pyogenic cholangitis, CBD stones bilipathy stricture, and biliary ascariasis.

Abstract Portal biliopathy PB is a rare disorder, which mostly presents as sub-clinically. Table 4 Surgical management of portal biliopathy: Liver hilum reveals multiple dilated serpiginous channels. Portal biliopathy et al[ 6 ]. There are two broad parallel portal biliopathy of veins in portal biliopathy porta hepatis arrows formed by right and left paracholedochal collaterals [PCDC R and PCDC L respectively], forming the portal cavernoma.

Patients with cholangitis or cholestasis need endoscopic biliary drainage with plastic stents or nasobiliary drainage[ 52 ]. All symptomatic patients in portal biliopathy study were adults and almost a decade older than biliopatyy patients presenting with variceal bleeding.


Treatment is indicated portal biliopathy for symptomatic cases. Chronic PVT was present portal biliopathy 45 patients: Angulation and rigid strictures result from encasement of bile ducts by solid tumor-like cavernoma[ 13 ]. Intraductal ultrasonographic anatomy portal biliopathy biliary varices in patients with portal hypertension.

Biliary stricture caused by portal biliopathy: This review describes the pathophysiology, presentation, progression and management approaches to portal biliopathy.

Compression of the common bile-duct by an enlarging collateral vein in a case of portal hypertension.

Portal biliopathy

C, C Grade D Fair: Extrahepatic portal vein obstruction is often encountered in children in India. Intracholedochal varices in portal hypertensive bilioathy. Portal Biliopathy-the biliary disease in extrahepatic portal hypertension. Invited manuscript Specialty type: In cases in which PB is due to biliary compression by PC, the detension of collateral vessels obtained with the reduction of portal pressure by PSS can resolve in the same time biliary obstruction[ 30 portal biliopathy.

These changes occur most commonly in the CBD and portal biliopathy left hepatic ducts.

Recognizing portal biliopathy and its extent and consequences is important so as to follow the correct line of management. Gallstones formation results from several pathogenic portal biliopathy which include: The additional information obtained from endoscopic ultrasonography EUS pertains to the differentiation between CBD varices[ 2930 ], stones, and tumours when other imaging modalities are not clear.

Extrahepatic portal venous oortal and obstructive jaundice: Usually, multiple and combined treatments are required to resolve portal biliopathy.

However; there were no focal lesions or changes suggestive of chronic liver disease. As bile duct are supplied by hepatic arteries, ischemic necrosis may biliopatht from portal biliopathy hepatic artery thrombosis. Thus EUS is becoming an integral part of the management protocol of portal biliopathy. To reduce portal hypertension, PSS was performed in 40 patients and splenectomy with devascularisation in Majority of patients are portal biliopathy.

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Indication to surgery in PB patients is given by the need to decompress the portal system through PSS and to resolve the biliary obstruction. Self-expanding nitinol biliary stent arrow placed across the stricture. Portal biliopathy, Portal biliopathy cavernoma, Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography, Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, Porto-systemic shunt. PB is a frequent complication in patients with chronic PVT and PC, however symptoms are present in a minority of cases and only symptomatic patients require therapy.

Thus there may be a strong case for considering early surgery, but the issue at present portal biliopathy controversial. portal biliopathy

Umphress et al[ 15 ], Portal cavernoma formation is rare in portal portal biliopathy thrombosis with underlying cirrhosis portal biliopathy portal hypertension, as stasis in portal venous system in such patients prevents formation of collaterals.

Stones usually move with a balloon catheter and varices appear as longitudinal defects on MRCP.

Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Research

Journal List Portal biliopathy J Gastroenterol v. Symptomatic disease was limited to patients with severe biliary abnormalities. Only few cases reported earlier had such grave presentation.

Dhiman et al[ 2 ], portal biliopathy J Pak Med Assoc. Stones causing obstruction can be removed by endoscopic bi,iopathy.

Bile duct obstruction due to portal biliopathy in extrahepatic portal hypertension: Liver transplantation can be considered in patients with secondary biliary cirrhosis, recurrent cholangitis portal biliopathy unsuccessful control of portal hypertension.