Revelation: Its Grand Climax at Hand! [Anonymous] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying ck, in good all-round condition, no dust jacket. 20 Jul Revelation how to apply breast feeding credit to turbotax its grand climax at hand also watch tower ments km 9 20 Jul revelation its grand climax at hand epub. religion’s future in view of its past awake series unofficial revelation-it’s grand climax at.

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10 Observations About Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Book of Revelation

Log in to get better recommendations with a free account. On a few occasions, “real” religious art revelatipn ridiculed as is the descriptions of Buddhist and Hindu statues: Jun 16, Ashley Jenkins rated it did not like it. You learn that, instead of a book of fire and brimstone, it is actually, like the other books of the Bible, a book of hope!

Perhaps the avoidance of “real” art is linked to this general pattern revelation its grand climax at hand thought that likely goes back to revelation its grand climax at hand injunctions against representations clima the divinity Exodus Literal depictions of God and the devil, angels and beasts, torments and blessings remove all sense of mystery from John’s imagery.

Clumax meaning resides in the Bible alone there would be no need to rely cljmax either God’s unfolding revelation or the unique insights of the “John class” e. Jan 16, Matthew Bevan rated it did not like it. With respect to aesthetics, the pictures are not at all appealing, by any standard of evaluation.

Though RGCH makes no claim to infallibility 9 this commentary assumes that revelation its grand climax at hand uncertainties revelation its grand climax at hand the meaning of Revelation remain. Very specific links are made between these conventions and this part of John’s vision. These confrontations are interpreted as satanic attacks on the true people of God.

Indeed, anti-Christian statements are found on most pages of the book with particular disdain shown toward Roman Catholicism and the pope e. Lots of room to make notes in the margins and written in plain English, this makes the book so eas This book is ideal for anyone that has picked up the bible and never been able to understand what John was talking about in Revelation. May 31, Kenneth rated it really liked it. They are identified with the literalthousand who will be in heaven, distinct from the great multitude who will live in paradise on earth.


Second, aesthetics is not a concern for the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Matt rated it it was amazing Jun 18, The reading strategy used in RGCH involves repeated connections between a John’s visions, b selected historical events of the twentieth century and c the organization’s past experiences.

I particularly liked chapters which cover the visits of Jesus to the various congregations. Their belief in the sacredness of blood introduces another point of contention uand Witnesses and the state. The latter refers to a literalanointed Christians who make up spiritual Israel This book is a must read.

There is, of course, nothing new about identifying opponents with the evil figures in Revelation. This is carefully qualified because clarity of understanding is contingent on God’s illumination and progressive revelation.

It goes through Revelation chapter by chapter, verse by verse and at the end you see that Revelation is not the doom and gloom book of the Bible that many think it is – it is actually full of positive things and contains great promises that humans can all look forward to.

Have studied it with my Bible several times. If Jehovah’s Witnesses are the only true readers, it follows that alternative interpretations of biblical literature are vilified. A horrible book, where these people call themselves locusts tormenting christians and ready to kill christians. Despite this wide circulation, however, few nonmembers ever see this book because of the organization’s reclusive nature on which see a few earlier notes. A must read for one to know and see his future and understand why revelation its grand climax at hand these things happened, happen and will happen.

Those inhabiting heaven are not consistently represented. I revelation its grand climax at hand through this book a total of three times in my young life.

You should be open minded to read this book. Maria Teresa rated it liked it Apr 18, A recurring theme in Watch Tower discourse is the conviction that Jehovah’s Witnesses are under attack by satanic forces, usually embodied as the state, the United Nations e.


Revelation It’s Grand Climax At Hand! by Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society

Aesthetics and Representations of the Divine With respect to aesthetics, revelation its grand climax at hand pictures are not at all appealing, by any standard of evaluation. There are many pictures in the commentary and they usually involve very literal representations of the text, even in places where the revelation its grand climax at hand is clearly symbolic e. Want to Read saving…. Here the seven angels blowing seven trumpets refer to ay organization’s activities between If the fear of art is linked to the possible temptation of substituting beautiful things for God, these simplistic and unpleasant diagrams pose no threat.

These images also introduce an emotive force to the commentary with several representations of grotesque monsters intended to frighten, and others that are sentimental, such as reunions with deceased loved ones e. The history of interpretation is riddled with examples of this practice for other examples, see, It is interesting to note, however, that representations of sexuality are described as revolting revelwtion disgusting but depictions of violence are not, if the dozens of graphic pictures in RGCH are any indication.

Two possible reasons for this kind of representation come to mind. There could also be less emphasis on formal and official group Bible study and more emphasis on private, individual reflections on the text.

Artwork, Literalism and Stereotyping There are many pictures in the commentary and they usually involve very literal representations of the text, even in places where the language is clearly symbolic e. Added to this are recurring doubts about the integrity or acumen of Bible climas outside the organization, which effectively encourages trust in the commentary itself and those responsible for it.