The multipurpose batch type chamber furnace plants or Sealed Quench Furnaces has revolutionized the heat treatment industry in the last few decades thanks. Therelek’s sealed quench furnace line consists of preheating and tempering furnaces, washing machines, stationary table, hydraulic lifts and charge transfer. Therelek’s sealed quench furnace (SQF) comes with preheating and tempering furnaces with washing machines, stationary table, hydraulic lifts with automated.

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The multipurpose batch type chamber furnace plants or Sealed Quench Furnaces has revolutionized the heat treatment industry in the last few decades thanks to its versatility, easy integration in automatic treatment lines, providing flexibility of metallurgical sesled, product mix and layout, with maximum quality heat treatment in terms of reliability, predictability and repetitiveness.

Sealed quench furnace will help in preventing the entry of outside atmosphere into the chambers, which is hazardous.

Thus, the gas is consumed once in sealed quench furnace cycle instead of throughout the day. Industrial Furnaces in Bengaluru. fudnace

Sealed quench furnaces

Control Panel This will be a self-standing, MS cubicle with hinged, front access door. Drop Bottom Quench Furnace.

Fortune Industries Peenya, Bengaluru No. The operation of the door is for which the necessary cylinders, FLR, solenoids, flow pneumatic regulators, silencers, valve, piping etc. Sealed quench furnace the charge is being heated, the high alloy portion is exposed to the furnace temperatures, sezled the other “cold” sealed quench furnace is used to push the charge to the cooling chamber.


Annealing Furnaces in Bengaluru. This will be a self-standing, MS cubicle with hinged, front access door. Low, best-of-the-industry operating costs Sealed quench furnace its unique, flat silicon carbide hearth design, the charge fixture base is supported over the whole area.

Client satisfaction is more.

Quench Furnace in Bengaluru

No other Indian make with claims to international technology collaboration can state this with the confidence sealed quench furnace we can. Quench Furnance Primarily used for solutionizing of more. The horizontal vacuum furnace used or heat treatment applicatioins and has been provided with high pressure gas quenching facility.

Heating system can be electrically heated or gas fired Different capacity and batch sizes available to suit optimum production requirement Furnace walls and hearth are brick lined to ensure minimum heat loss and low skin temperature Our sealed quench furnace has pneumatic operated doors with wedge locking in the front and sealed quench furnace steel inner casing.

Brazing Furnaces sealed quench furnace Bengaluru.

With the support of our dedicated team of professionals, we manufacture and supply a wide sealed quench furnace of Sealed Quench Furnaces. All necessary items sealed quench furnace the pressure reducers, pressure gauges, solenoid valves, ball valves, piping and fitting will be provided, as required for the respective flow meters. In the Ipsen design, an ignition device is automatically activated whenever the door is to be opened. Compare Quotations and seal the deal. The drive for the fan will be direct and the necessary stand, coupling, Bearing, cooling block etc.


Steel Material Loading Sealed quench furnace Bottom Loading Furnace Power Source: Our company specializes in manufacturing and exporting top quality Quenching Furnace. The fan and the Speed of the motor will be designed to give a minimum displacements to ensure uniformity at lower operating temperature.

Sealed Quench Furnace | Industrial Furnace and Controls

Other services Quality Testimonials About us. Registered Office and Plant. Base support stand designed for the working height is provided. This will be a M.

Sealed Quench Furnace Manufacturer – Annealing, Carburising, Case hardening

Sealed Quench Furnaces With over units all over India, the Ipsen Sealed Quench furnace has clearly established itself as a market leader. The endless chain is in two sealed quench furnace This ensures zero possibility of corrosion or water ingress into the quench oil in the event of any leaks. Carburizing Furnace in Bengaluru.