Be it any sahasranama (Vishnu,Lalitha, or shiva) – The basic principle behind Chanting this stotra in brahma muhurt 3–5 times daily gives astonishing results. The complete Sri Shiva Sahasranama Stotra chanted in Sanskrit in MP3 format. The Shiva Sahasranama is found in Shiv Mahapuranam and many other scriptures In this app Sahasranamam is presented in English,Telugu,Hindi, Kannada.

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Oordhvagaatmanae, The Lord shiva sahasranama stotram the self that is beyond the three attributes shiva sahasranama stotram nature Svayambhuvatigmataejasae, Your prowess is undefined and shiva sahasranama stotram Svatidaay, The Lord is the giver of blessings, prosperity Mundaay, One who is bald Shakraay, The Lord is Indra Kalayae, He who is associated with Kaali The presiding deity of Kalyuga Vichaarinae, One who knows what is truth Nakshtravigrahamatayae, The Lord is an astrologer who directs actions to the wheel of Time Sharaay, The Lord is the form of the shaft shot for the destruction of the enemy Sushaaradaay, The Lord has excellent speech Shankaraay, The Lord does good to even those who shiva sahasranama stotram moved away from Him Reference to the Rishis shiva sahasranama stotram the Daruka forest Karmakaalavidae, The Lord is the knower of the proper time for the accomplishment of all acts Saaragreevaay, The Lord has an excellent neck Shatajivhaay, The Lord has a hundred tongues Daevaatidaevaay, The Lord transcends the senses and shines beyond that Kaalaay, The Lord is time eternal Jalajadbhavaay, One who takes His birth in the waters following the dissolution of the shiva sahasranama stotram Yuktabaahavae, The Lord has strong arms to crush the enemies Maalinae, One who wears a garland of flowers Vishwaroopay, Whose form is the universe, the origin of all infinite forms Sarvasusamkshatavistaraay, The Lord is the form of the creations of Rishi Vyaas, as the Lord is the book form of the Puraanaas and the Vedas Bahukarkashaay, The Lord is extremely harsh mercilessly destroys creation Posted March 26, Realize the same by meditation.


Suraganaay, One who is all the celestials united together Gopatayae, One who is the Lord of the senses Jataadharaay, The Lord has matted hair Chandaninae, One whose body is covered with sandalwood paste Shiva sahasranama stotram, One who has conquered both His internal and external enemies Adhiivruddhaay, The Lord is extremely superior in virtues, shiva sahasranama stotram, and wisdom Puroohootaay, The Lord is the very self of the field of action Sarvadhaaranavaraay, The Lord is superior to all creation Nabhasae, All pervading, one who is equal to all like Space Amaraay, The Lord is beyond destruction Subandhanvimochanaay, He is the one who tears the bonds of those who bind themselves to Him Gajaghnae, The slayer of shiva sahasranama stotram demon Gaja elephant who came to destroy the city of Varanasi Divisuparvadaevaay, You are the object of adoration even by the great shiva sahasranama stotram of heaven Aashaadaay, The Lord is the one who grants power to uphold or bear Gopaalaay, The Lord is the protector of the senses Naikaatmanae, One who has multiplied himself to various forms and bodies