Solex S USA specifications & tech. info: these specifications are for the Solex S USA Instructions for installing Hungarian electronic ignition kit. download velosolex operator manual. Solex manual pdf. Solex was a French manufacturer of carburetors and the powered bicycle VĂ©loSoleX. normal rpm at full speed is rpm. slow down and idle. when the engine reaches idling speed (rpm), the flyweights move outwards due to centrifugal force. during .

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Prices can be affected by time of year, bike location, and whether or not the seller is willing to pack and ship the bike.

I’m happy to answer any technical or historical Solex questions that you might have. The amount that the points open is not relevant.

On a Solex, the flywheel key is part of the flywheel casting. Be sure that the end of the spark plug wire has solex 3800 manual good clean connection against the tab on the back of the ignition coil.

S 3800 Owner’s Handbook / Manual (1966 – early 1968)

There are no set prices for Velosolex Solex bikes. Yellow – main power from stator to switch paddle. What is a Velosolex Solex bike worth?


Be sure to use a gauge and set the electrode gap to 0. What Is the value of a Velosolex Solex bike?

S Owner’s Handbook / Manual ( – early ) – Solex USA by BrianSolex

For additonal info and photos, see:. Solex 3800 manual the ignition coil from the points and test the points for continuity when closed, no continuity when open.

Subscribe to newsletter To be informed of the latest articles, subscribe:. Back to home page. It is just showing what solex 3800 manual seller thinks the bike is worth. There is no set points gap on a Solex engine. manial

S Owner’s Handbook / Manual (late – ) – Solex USA by BrianSolex

Reconnect the ignition coil wire. Archives Sklex 1. Newsletter Subscribe to be notified of future posts. Engine numbers, not frame numbers, are used to determine the year of manufacture of a Solex. The tip of the bulb must touch the ground tab.

Piston Ring end gap: You solex 3800 manual also like: Install a NEW spark plug Instructions for installing Hungarian electronic ignition kit: For additonal info and photos, see: Listed selling prices do not determine the value or worth i. The switch paddle solex 3800 manual contact the serrated.


S 3800 Owner’s Handbook / Manual (late 1968 – 1974)

Red – power from manusl switch paddle, through spring. Blue – power from bronze strip to taillight solex 3800 manual. Follow us Subscribe to the RSS feed http: CEV6 Volt 21 Watt.

It is the date of approval of the Cyclomoteur engine or Cyclomoteur engine. Green – ground wire from headlight to fuel pump screw.

MALY brake light switch wiring. MALY brake light switch. You must verify that the flywheel key has not solex 3800 manual sheared off. Instructions for making a simple Solex 3800 manual flywheel puller magneto rotor extractor can be manial on this page:.

Please contact me for help in determining.