I have a file that was created in PDM on the AS and assimilated into SYNON. I have added some more fields to the file in PDM and compiled the file, but. Automated solution for impact analysis, graphical documentation and business rules extraction for your CA 2E (Synon) IBM i applications. This guide provides an illustrated overview of the options, technologies and processes available for reengineering Synon/2E applications into a modern.

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SYNON Complete Overview – RPGIV @ Work

InCA introduced an add-on tool to CA 2E called Web Option, which allows 2E customers to web-enable their existing applications and to run those applications which were originally designed for an IBM ‘green-screen’ inside a standard web browser.

A highly structured repository of business rules written zs400 easily readable pseudo code provides a basis for all ongoing activity: This is to synchronies the model. It is very seldom required. BibinG 20 points Badges: May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Larsholmberg 5 points Badges: There was an error processing your information. An action diagram is easy to understand and modify because it uses structured notation to express process logic.

SYNON Introduction

Am I understanding this correctly? These files must be related by an Owned by or Refers to relation. Color coding for all object types gives instant visual cues. Its products continue to be widely used in that sector today, distributed and supported by CA Inc. Thanks for any help! This is called Referred field. Some of our X-Analysis clients Mouse over each client name to syjon a case study showing how the client used one or more of our X-Analysis solutions.

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There are no errors but the fields do not show up. Information about the current System: Stnon the same year the xs400 appointed its first overseas distributors, in Australia and Norway.

If you want to pass more than 9 then use Array. Thus programs could be automatically regenerated with no manual intervention following changes to the structure of the database. Understand your applications Graphical interface makes complex relationships in IBM i applications easy to understand by giving you a visual rendering of objects from multiple points of view. L to check for lock.

IBM i (AS/) CA 2E Synon application analysis & documentation

Sita 10 points Badges: Reenasudarshan 65 points Badges: In case of interactive compilation, system will create the member and ss400 object in one shot. Complete metrics analysis, including Problem Analysis for design oddities, screen and program complexity, problem analysis, etc.

It is preferred to synchronize the model so that this can be seen by others. The default is Thanks, we’ll keep you up-to-date on all relevant activity! This leaves synnon programmer free to concentrate on business rules that are unique to the application.

Interactive documentation and where used of Internal Routines. National Language Support Development: To follow this tag It can be removed by the designer. They then select from a set of around 30 pre-built program design templates which perform edit, display and print functions in full screen, multi-line and transaction full screen header above a multi-line detail modes.


How do you display function keys in Footer based on conditions. Software companies of the United Kingdom Companies established in Companies disestablished in Synon CA -2E 8. Syon has to have a key.

Can anyone tell the the steps I should be doing? Samule points Badges: J for batch generation. Can and how as40 you recreate the action diagram from source?

Synoj complete application design is extracted from the CA 2E model and presented in an interactive and graphical analysis tool making it available to developers and analysts. Can you access your CA 2E design model? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. RajeshAS 5 points Badges: These solutions still require the programmer to “re-invent the wheel” for application problems such as screen handling, referential integrity, complex transaction boundaries and standards enforcement.

It stays in effect even if the object and model are not used. Applications are constructed rapidly by connecting pre-tested functional modules. Synon kept precise productivity metrics during the internal development of its SMA accounting system. Moongirl 5 points Badges: It does this visually and interactively using entity relationship diagrams, screen flows, UI designs, metrics, complexities, data flows, impact analysis, business rules and much more.