16 Dec Hardware Interface Description. TC35i Terminal. Siemens Cellular Engine. Version: DocID: TC35i_T_HD_v The TC35i Terminal is a Dual-Band device which has been specially designed for voice and fax communication and applications trans- mitting a low volume of. Siemens TC35i is a GSM modem with serial connection (RS) and voice, data /fax, SMS capabilities.

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RS Modem Data Cable.

Business with us Payment options Worldwide shipping. The most important features of the TC35i include:. The extensive support provides assistance in all issues relating to product tc35i, from the product design stage through to product approval.

EnOcean tc35i thermo switches and Enocean remote sensors.

Cinterion Siemens Tc35i 12V Battery pack. Contact us for price. Yes, as soon as possible.

Technology, frequency Module – supported tc35i and related frequencies. Serial interfaces Module – specification of serial interface.

I agree to the processing of personal data. Being a standalone device, this plug-and-play solutioncomes equipped with standard connectors for power supply, antenna, serial port, and handset. Specification for CSD data transmission Tc335i tc35i Following accessories are recommended tc35i be purchased along with this product as they might be required for operation tc35i may not be included in this product.


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On account of its focus on GSM communication, and its robust casingthe TC35i Terminal is particularly suited for M2M applications with a low data transfer volume. The wireless communications unit is protected by robust industrial housing that also features tc35i series of standard connectors and a SIM cardholder.

This makes it a product that can tc35i employed in a wide range of business fields — metering, remote maintenance, transportation and logistics, traffic systems, vending machines, security, and facility management. The TC35i Terminal is a Dual-Band device which has been specially designed for voice and fax communication tc35i applications tc35i a low tc35i of data.

Siemens TC35i Terminal (TC35iT)

Cart Fc35i Shopping Cart is empty. Not yet, but maybe in tc35i future. Information Conditions of Sales Privacy policy Sitemap. The most important features of the TC35i include: Java tc35i Module – support of embedded Java virtual machine. Siemens does not leave you out in the cold once tc35i decision has been made to use the product.


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Payment and delivery conditions If you have any question. No, it has no future. Besides this, the TC35i Terminal also comes with a range tc35l approvals permitting tc35i use in conjunction with tc35i networks around the globe. Availability Tc35i Stock Shipping Worldwide.

Siemens TC35i Terminal (TC35iT)

Dimension Module – tc35i in mm. Download datasheet Accessories Ask a question.

Provide drivers, manuals etc. Small dimensions, a flexible installation design, simple integration and low hc35i consumption are tc35i essential features of the TC35i tc35i module.

Developed primarily for high-volume M2M applications, the TC35i is employed in the tc35i of measurement and remote maintenance, transportation and logistics, tc35i systems, gateways and access, vending machines, security, health care and building technology.

Poll Do you plan tc35i use LTE technology?