28 Oct The second novel in Elizabeth Hoyt’s Legend of the Four Soldiers series is even better than the first. To Seduce a Sinner is funny and. 25 Nov REVIEW: To Seduce a Sinner by Elizabeth Hoyt Dear Ms. Hoyt, .. And I hated, truly hated, the slapstick moments that Hoyt put in this book. To seduce a sinner, is the story of Jasper, Viscount Vale and Melisande. Vale, has been left in the altar for the second time and Melisande, who has secretly.

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Jan 26, Bekah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Which brings me to our main character Melisande Fleming.

Review: To Seduce a Sinner by Elizabeth Hoyt – Red Hot Books

Darkly sensual and deliciously kinky: Legend of to seduce a sinner elizabeth hoyt Four Soldiers 2. As he continues the quest that was set forth in the first book, of finding out who the traitor was at Spinner’s Falls, he finds eeduce following paths that are not easy or simple and then he faces the largest problem of all – he is falling in love with his wife.

I liked how Jasper was able to handle him with gentleness. I suppose for someone who appreciates sinned outgoing girl to seduce a sinner elizabeth hoyt is outspoken and full of life, one would find Melisande bland and boring. Clotilda I read the third one first without knowing it was part of a series and I didn’t have any problem. Ok that wedding night scene was icky To seduce a sinner, is the story of Jasper, Viscount Vale and Melisande.


But an unmarried lady can hardly live by herself. I mean WTF has he done for you, tell me! Aug 07, Katie babs rated it really liked it. This heroine has so much to seduce a sinner elizabeth hoyt and self-possession, yet it never makes her bitchy or snotty. But, the whole experience was lukewarm.

Excerpt: To Seduce A Sinner

I also found it selfish as hell, to offer the man you love marriage only to box him in a loveless marriage all because you don’t want to put your heart on the line. I’m interested in Munroe’s story, really. Not Enabled Word Wise: Published 2 months ago. Elizzbeth else is there to say? I think this is why I feel an affinity to Melisande. Return to Book Page. Hot sex, but just sex. The little snippets of them was very cute and made me actually want more of them.

Desert Isle Keeper

I would definitely read it again in the future. Melisande, on the other hand, been in love with him for years, 6 to be exact. It was fine and I don’t think I can set it any higher than that. Many men died, and him and his friends were captured and tortured. This was such a sweet sweet story. Before now, their communications, to me, seemed like they’re trying but not quite connecting. Share your thoughts with other customers. March 26, at 9: Product details File Size: It took me awhile to get to even ‘liking’ it to seduce a sinner elizabeth hoyt be honest.


Soon, Jasper’s military past threatens to endanger their very lives, and he must save Melisande so that they can have a future together. And I was a fool for years before that. His sociable to seduce a sinner elizabeth hoyt easy-going nature survives captivity and psychological torture.

I assume the author explains everything you need to know in every book. This is about 2 people coming to learn about each other physically without knowing each other well.

I mean it is great and all that the man is a great lover, but I get tired of great lovers. Links and Commentary A friend recently posted a review for this book. Jun 04, Manda Collins seruce it it was amazing Shelves: She approaches him and offers marriage.

While I loved Jasper immediately, I can’t say the same for Melisande. If he would just z her. Have to see when I read it. And then the story just blithely moves on?

Felicitations and all that. Everything was disjointed, heroine’s so called love for hero, her passionate personality at nights, hero’s obssesion for finding the traitor at war, his sudden intrest for his wife without any evidence for it But it is well-written and an extremely entertaining romance story.

Jasper was sitting alone in the vestry.