How to enable user registration and password encryption · How WaveMaker provides support for password encryption · How to Handle Error Situations in. 26 Oct WaveMaker is a RAD platform to develop and deploy web and mobile applications. This document is intended to be a walkthrough of the. 8 Jul A Prefab can be built which shows all comments made on the document, retrieving them from an API. Prefab can be associated with the context.

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Low-code Development with WaveMaker.

Provatar or project avatar is an icon depicting the nature of the project, wavemamer set from the selection from the drop-down menu. The browser language preference of wavemaker documentation user can be captured. Page Creation Layouts Demarcating the page into components. Creating Wavemaker documentation installer 3.

Building a Responsive Web Application. Wavemaker documentation to export a project as a zip file without opening the project. The widgets within a Template do not have data binding with services, allowing the wavemaker documentation of these templates for different use cases on different pages.

It can interact with APIs and data on the web. Themes Overview Creating Themes Variable Provides data integration for the widgets Variable holds the actual data to be rendered by the widgets.

Asset Management App fulfils the need of the corporates in procuring and assigning the assets for the employees based on their requirement.

During this period wavemaker documentation developer team can develop, test-run and collaborate applications. Newbie Guide to App Building. Enterprise application delivery in the API era. UI Elements — Widgets 3. Mobile Apps How to pass parameters to pages How to pass parameters to partial wavemaker documentation How to use static variable wavemaker documentation pass data between pages How to set home page, default language, and display format for date wavemaker documentation time fields How to incorporate additional icons How to conditionally change the color of icons How to change the default app favicon How to set the app logo Wavemaker documentation to change the page title New How to customize app style How to customize the app load icon How to customize existing theme How to create custom themes.


It allows the employees of a company to manage their leaves.

API design and publishing – WaveMaker

When using a Prefab in your applications, ensure that the widget names in wavemaker documentation application do not conflict with the widgets names used in the Prefab. Wavemaker documentation the user running the WaveMaker app has language preference set in their browser and that language is supported by the app i. Top Banner can be used to: We use cookies to provide you with a better experience. Know more about Publishing Prefabs. It can be set documentatoin the time of project creation by selecting an image from the drop down wavemaker documentation.

Our API designers will help you expose your legacy data as APIs and optimise them for consumption using best practices and pragmatism.

Getting Started

We use cookies to provide you with a better wavemaker documentation. Default Language can be set for the project. Mobile UI Design 2. Wavemaker API platform has the wafemaker used SaaS, database, and authentication integrations out-of-the-box.

Publishing Prefabs Once you have created a Prefab, it needs to be published in order wavemaker documentation the apps to use it. In this document, we have learned the basics of a Prefab what they are and how they are implemented within WaveMaker. How to capture user selection How to handling dynamic data How to displaying custom data. For details on how to use predefined Prefabs or to create your own Prefabs refer the links. Re-usable arrangement of one or more widgets in the page content that together capture the purpose of the page.


With the dawn of cloud computing and proliferation documentagion apps, companies are exchanging data and services at an evergrowing rate. Custom Widgets — Prefabs 9. These prefabs are grouped into categories like Media, location, etc. Building Hybrid Mobile Apps 1. Events can wavemaker documentation either user-initiated, documentztion response or as wavmeaker result of another task being performed. APIs can increase agility by de-coupling and exposing business processes.

Product Terminology Before starting with product walkthrough, let us wavemaker documentation familiarized with some of the terms commonly used wavemaker documentation Studio parlance.

How to eliminate silos in large wavemaker documentation. Widgets get docukentation data from backend Services through binding to Variables.

Focus on empowering not on control. See the owners and contributors; the owner of the project wavemaker documentation add or remove members and change the role. Prefabs, like any widget, have the following features that can be set:.